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Black Friday Shopping Round Up


Ahhhhh Black Friday, in general the holiday season is a good one for beauty addicts (Holiday Sets! Minis!) add some discounts or GWP’s and well, you’ve got some very happy shoppers!
I attempted not to go overboard this time, since I’ll be heading to the US in a months time but some of these? Too good to pass up.

1. Sonia Kashuk® Holiday Limited Edition All That Jazz 10 Piece Brush Set

This 10 piece set is sold out online *insert tears* but if you’ve got a Target near you be sure to check it out. This is a full size 10 brush set with really pretty art-deco style handles, the Sonia Kashuk line is really good and the entire set retails for $34.99 (that’s $3.49 per brush!) I’ve got a loving boyfriend who is willing to popover to pick up the set for me, so I bought it online and it’s waiting to be picked up. I managed to find a $3 off $15 purchase coupon too!
Over all find score: 5/5 available at Target

2. Diptyque Paris Feu de Bois Candle

I may or may not have a slight Diptyque candle problem (or, just a candle problem), so when I saw that Sabrina from The Beauty Lookbook posted a roundup of codes and deals including a code for Diptyque I was on it faster than you can say Feu De Bois. I got the standard size candle for $60 (no tax since there’s no Diptyque Boutique in the state) and with the code FRIDAY14 two mini (35 gr.) candles were added to the basket, one in Feu De Bois which is my favourite scent and Myrrhe, you also get to select 2 samples so I went for the Eau Duelle and Cleansing Clay. note: this is for US only. Knowing the GWP are rare at Diptyque make this super worth it but at the end of the day, as my boyfriend said, I just paid $60 for a candle.
Over all find score: 4/5 available at Diptyque Paris

3. Sephora’s “Art of Shaving Set” & Nars “Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret”

Oh, Sephora. A true addicts mothership, as of right now I only purchased those two items (guess which one is for my & which for the BF?) but… I’ve got a second order waiting in the basket, with some “necessities” because of a very appealing Cyber Monday deal (HG liner and face primer).With all of the bloggers nattering on about the NARS lip pencil set I just had to spring for it, and the little shaving set is from a company my boyfriend really enjoys, so why not? The Black Friday “Dealtopia” deals are no longer available online, but the entire set went for $10 which is a great deal for a happy boy. The deals at sephora weren’t a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but it’s all fun (if you’re a VIB I hope you used the sale).
Over all find score: 3/5 available at Sephora (link to the lip set)

4. BirchBox – Oribe Dry Texturising Spray & BeautyBlender Fantastic Four

Over at Birchbox they had a 25% off all full sized items code, I cheated a bit and made this order earlier in the month with a 20% code that might still be available. I got the cult Oribe Spray and a set of 2 beauty blenders, micro mini beauty blender and the cleanser, since I love the beauty blender and it was a really good deal for $39 before the discount let’s not talk about the Oribe okayyyy (*cough* $42 *cough*) but I love a texturising spray, and since I got my hair cut even more so.
Over all find score: 4/5 available at BirchBox

So, how much damage did you do this weekend?


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