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The Empties: Mascara


I need to admit to something. I like mascara as much as the next girl – but I’m not a loyal buyer. I like to buy different kinds and then make up my mind. This means I tend to have between 3-5 different tubes of the stuff going at any moment. I’ve finally finished all of these, and me? I’ve got some opinions!
Let’s start off with the drugstore offerings, as these are cheap and cheerful and you won’t shed a tear if they’re a total bust (spoiler: they’re not!).

Maybelline’s Illegal Length Fiber Extension (Black Brown) & Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara (Blackest Black), the first one made it’s way to me by accident which is what happens when you ask your dad to pick up things for you at CVS. Overall it’s a good mascara, and it really does make my lashes longer and you can build it with layer if you want to. The colour, wasn’t the best – I like a brown mascara but with this one the overall look is a bit too *natural* the second in this line up – I have nothing more to say about than get it. Cheap and beautiful and oh-so-great, everyone needs to try this unless you hate silicone-y wands (if so I’m not sure we can be friends).

Now that the cheap ones are over with, let’s talk about the “hole-in-pocket-inducing” variety; Luxury Mascara.

Lancome’s Hypnose Drama Mascara (in 01) is a good old classic, it has a great wand and an even better formula. Lancome know their mascaras, just one warning – it dries out, fast. Chanel’s Intimible (30 Black Brown) I love a Chanel mascara, even if it makes me weep. Inimitable was the first line of mascaras I’ve used from Chanel, and it’s still nostalgic, volume and definition with a silicone wand – best when it’s a tad dry and not so… wet. Chanel’s Sublime de Chanel (10 Deep Black) luckily for me I didn’t purchase this baby, my mother didn’t like it and it made it’s way to me. I like Intimible more, this one it black and gives you volume – it can get clumpy fast so it’s unlikely that I’ll spring for a second tube.

Have you finished off some mascaras lately? Got  a new favourite? Let me know about it in the comments!


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