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7 Things I’ve Changed My Mind About


As the year draws to an end we tend to reflect a little, and me? I’ve changed my mind quite a bit in the past couple of years. It might be growing up or just changing my mind as I experiment but these are 7 things that I’ve change my mind about.

Bath salts

I used to be a strictly bubbles or nothing sort of girl. Perhaps the occasional bath bomb made it’s way to my tub. This year has been the year of trying out new bath products from salts to oils to melts to bubble bars and soaks, I’ve tried them all. As I’m an avid bath taker trying to up my bath game is an important accomplishment to me. Now I’ve got my self a stock of bath salts and oils with the traditional bubble bath formula taking a back seat; because the world has a lot of bath products to offer.
(Therapie Himalayan Bath Salts)

Waterproof Mascara

Once upon a time I would only use waterproof mascara, and then I hated it with a passion. I’ve now found a happy medium, I don’t wear waterproof everyday as it’s too much of a hassle to use a dedicated eye-makeup remover every night but for days when I want a little more curl  and longevity I’ll reach for some waterproof mascara. Since I get watery eyes as soon as a slight bit of a wind picks up, it’s pretty much the only thing keeping me from doing my best racoon impression.
(Loreal Telescopic Extensions Waterproof)

Separate Facial Sunscreen

I’ve had the importance of sun sunscreen imparted on me since birth, my mother is an advocate for sun safety, but a separate sunscreen for my face wasn’t on my radar for a while. In the past I just used a baby/sensitive kin formula and been done with it. But the smell and texture of it just don’t work with foundations; it’s that slick-thick shiny layer that just doesn’t let anything sink in. In comes dedicated sun-block!
(Clinique City Block SPF 40)

Face Toner

I think everyone thought toners were a thing of the past – but with Caroline Hirons touting them as a thing no beauty-obsessed internet using girl was free. Toners are no longer that stripping, alcohol infested step in your routine that you got when you first used the Clinique 3-Step program as a teen. Rather toners come in a plethora of formulas all with different purposes; from the luxurious spritz to the brightening there’s something for everyone.
(Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner)

Dewy Finish Foundations

Everyone goes thru “times” with their foundation preference, sometimes all we want is a matte-longlasting no fuss formula and other times we want to look like a glowing goddess with so much sheen it’s ridiculous. This year I’ve embraced the more luminous, dewy finishes and let the heavy duty matte formulas of the past take a back seat. The glowy-er formulas also tend to have lighter coverage that I really enjoy.
(Bourjois Happy Light Foundation)


Once upon a time if you had told me I would willingly slither my face in oils I would have run from you. Now? A good cleansing oil makes me happier than happy and a night without a few drops of a night-oil are a strange occurrence. Perhaps it’s the understanding that my skin isn’t oily (it is when stripped by foaming cleansers) but rather dehydrated/normal with bouts of dryness and oiliness depending on diet/weather/stress along with the realisation that oils really agree with my skin and help balance it. Go oils!
(Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil)

Lip Liners

Cue the bad 90’s flashback, we all have them. The only liner I would have thought about using a few years ago was a clear one to stop bleeding lipsticks from traveling all over my face. Now? It’s a whole new world of liners! Nude ones to cheat your lip line, red ones to perfect you va-va-voom look or to give a little oomph to the lipsticks lasting power. It’s liners everywhere.
(N7 Precision Lips Lip Pencil, Estee Lauder Lip Defining Pencil)

Was there a product you changed you mind about this year? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter!

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