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A Few Tips For Planning a Trip


I’m flying out to the states in a week to meet up with my boyfriend and enjoy a little r&r.
Being a natural list maker I have trip planning down to an art, if you’re planning a trip and feeling a little overwhelmed these are my tricks to have everything down.
Research is everything
I love eating, and shopping in cool stores that are off the beaten path – and in general feeling like I’ve discovered some gems. Since all of the cities that I’m visiting are ones I’ve been to before there are also places I’d like to revisit. To make sure I don’t miss anything cool I make sure to check out the instagram feeds of favourite bloggers that are either natives of these cities or have visited them. I then write down the place, research it, decide if I want to go there and then I add it to my spreadsheet, which brings me to my next point.

Spreadsheet make life easy
It’s true, spreadsheets are a great way to manage your travel itinerary and budget. I have a spreadsheet on google docs for both the hotel dates and details, so my travel partner has access to it all too. I also have a spreadsheet for places I want to visit in each city, divided by categories of food/stores/places and so on. Because I’m a doll I’ve also got a little list of things I need to pick up for friends and family as well as a *little* must have shopping list.

Plan A Head
I’m going out to cold, snowy weather which is so far removed from my usual that I need to prepare. For this I have a check list of cold-weather clothes I must pack and outfits that have been planned a head. I’m celebrating the New Year with an outfit from a suitcase, so planning is key.

Indulge & Splurge
I picked up the Wallpaper* City Guide for the cities I’m visiting, because I enjoy them and the little tips in each. Did I need them? No. Having a little something that I enjoy makes me excited for the trip – but it also lets me keep these after it, and with them the memories. I feel that objects retain memories far better than pictures of the trip itself, I’d rather enjoy the moment and have something to remember the experience by than be glued to my viewfinder trying to capture that shot.

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