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So I’m getting on a plane for 12 (!!!) hours this Saturday,  making the trip to NY/DC. We all know that flights don’t do a face any good, being in a pressurised cabin with recycled air sucks out any moisture from the skin and causes general mayhem all around. I’ve got myself a mini kit for the flight packed with moisture packing goodies and a freshen-up. 

Cotton Pads & Bioderma because I’d like to make sure my face is squeaky clean before I pile on the skincare. I don’t board the plane with a full face on, but I do wear a light foundation +concealer and some mascara so I’d like to make sure I remove it all once on the plane. I then grab my Hand Sanitiser and get down to it, it being my Moisturising Mask that I’ve depoted into a little travel friendly pot – I’m fond of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask because it doesn’t look like you have a mask on. I then chill with the mask on my face for the duration of the flight, or reapply it in the middle if it’s a super long one. I make sure to bring a little sachet sample of eye cream and a hand cream, (Kiehl’s are great about giving samples) and make sure to slather some one whenever things are feeling thirsty.
Make sure you bring some lip balm, I love the Nuxe Reve De Miel but the pot packaging is a big no for travel, I’ve currently got this Caudalie Lip Conditioner that’s quite nice. Finally, I’ve got myself a little travel friendly tooth brush and tooth paste to use right before landing as well as some emergency Advil and a little sample of day cream to apply after I’ve removed the mask.

I used to do a far more intense plan routine (complete with some spritzy toner and face oil!) but I think this simplified route is a far better option, so I’ve got more time to catch up on my SERIAL podcast…

What do you do when you travel? Got any products or tips I might like?

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