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My Favourite Apps


We’re all smartphone addicts, aren’t we? I love to spend time on my phone, while waiting in line or between classes to just shut off my brain. These are the 6 most used apps on my phone (not including whatsapp or email)!

I love a good photo, and not having my trusty Photoshop on my phone would be difficult but luckily I’ve got VSCO Cam. This app is a powerful image editor, with a variety of filters that you can use as well as control over contrast exposure etc. I can waste quite a bit of time fiddling with all the settings in order to get that perfect shot. Bloglovin’ is an app that I love to use while waiting in line, since I love reading blogs it’s a great way to aggregate all the blogs you read, all the new posts are in a nice little feed so you can scroll thru them and liking or saving for later is easy. I like to use Twitter  to catch up with what new and going on I follow bloggers, comedians and news sources to all together I am up to date with a quick scroll. Pinterest is a great website for finding inspiration, and the app is super easy to use. When I feel a little hungry, or like living in a fantasy world were I’m planning my dream flat I take my self over to pinterest. Instagram goes hand in hand with VSCO cam, taking photos is great fun but you’ve got to publish them somewhere – and that is on instagram! I love posting pictures to it and looking at other peoples snaps since it’s been recently updated I’ve been loving the explore feature.  Lastly, eBay! I love a good deal okay? I also like finding things that are from a few seasons ago, or that can’t simply be found in store. I love the app since there’s the “saved search” feature where you can see what new products have been added to you search of choice since the last time you checked. That and notifications about auctions that are ending soon make me a very happy shopper!

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