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The Review: Better Skin

Ren 1 Minute Flash Facial Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

It’s no secret, my skin isn’t perfect. I’ve had several bouts of hormonal acne that’s left me with a less than smooth complexion. So a good skincare routine is crucial, and great products? even more so. I cannot rave enough about how important a good cleanse is – or how great a good radiance mask can make skin feel. Need a little boost? Check out these two.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is my clear cut favourite, ever since I discovered the world of cleansing balms and oils my skin has been a happy camper. I’ve got dehydrated skin, so the usual foaming cleansers only leave me with stripped skin that feels like it’s had the life sucks out of it. While it’s labeled as a “Gel” it’s most certainly not, this cleanser comes out of the pump in a gelly balmy consistency that smells like turkish delight in my opinion. Warm it up between your fingers, massage into the skin to break down all the make up and grime, add some water to emulsify massage it a little bit more and wash. Your then left with refreshed clean skin that isn’t screaming for lost moisture. This is great at calming resulting redness from acne marks and relaxing angry active marks. REN’s 1 Minute Facial Flash Rinse is the newest addition to my ever growing arsenal of masks, it’s a 1 minute mask true, it’s more like a flash peel facial than a mask. It’s a strange light green paste that you rub onto the skin (there’s little beads) as a scrub then you activate the vitamin E with water and leave it on to work it’s acidic magic for a minute. Rinse and pat dry. Skin after this looks fresh and radiant, as you would expect but it also looks clean – and after using this you feel like all the junk clogging your pores is gone. Use this before a special occasion, when you feel like your skin needs a pick me up or if your me right when you’ve got some leftover red marks and they need some serious fading (the peeling will help resurfacing the skin, and fading the mark).

A quick word about, the site I order these from – it’s a great site that ships worldwide for free. The best thing? If your located outside the EU there’s no VAT charge. Orders arrive quickly in a nice secure package, currently I’ve been eying the Pai Copaiba and Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum  and the Neom Perfect Peace Luxury Candle.

What are some of your favourite products for solving troublesome skin? Have any new discoveries?

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