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Top Five: Hair Products


Oh, hair. Why do you require so much work?

Since I got my hair cut two weeks ago I’ve rediscovered my love for it, and as we all know – when you’ve cut your hair you need to change up the routine. So to celebrate my newly discovered love for hair I’ve decided to share my top five hair products (we’re missing some texturising spray, but that’s the 6th.)

Paul Mitchell The Super Skinny Serum I started using this when my hair was long, and dry and frizzy and tangle-y, this serum makes your hair dry faster by some sort of magic while keeping it silky soft to the touch. WARNING: if you use too much you’ll look like a greasy mess. This stuff is fabulous if you blow dry your hair. Living Proof Prime Style Extender I’ve already raved about this in the past, this cream seems to *reject* dirt. I’ll be honest I mess with my hair too much for styles to hold (I’ll curl it in the morning, then stick it in a bun by midday ruining the curls.) but this does seem to make things last longer. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray this stuff is my one true love, there’s something about how light weight it is (unlike other salt sprays I’ve tried) and how it really does make your hair look as if you’ve been in the ocean. The smell? That’s what really sells me on this. If you like a little texture and lived in locks, grab this ASAP. The classic Elnett Strong Hold Hair Spray is my all time favourite hair spray, there’s hold but it’s brushable and again the smell makes me nostalgic. I like to always keep a huge can on hand, just in case. Lastly once I’ve done my fair share of damage and heat styling to my hair it’s time to give it a pamper – Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm is one great hair mask, I like to sleep in it – you apply to dry hair (mid lengths to ends) wait at least 25 min for it to work its magic and wash it out. Hair isn’t left feeling heavy or weighed down but rather nourished, revived and ready for anther round of styling.

So, what’s your favourite hair product? Let me know, I’m always looking to try something new!

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