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3 Ways: Lip Saving Lip Balms


Oh, winter. Chilly nights, windy days. A massive snow storm or a wet rainy week; it’s all part of the season. You know what else is part of the season? Chapped, dry, cracking lips. Kind of hard to rock that matte blood red lipstick with lips that resemble a a desert lizard. The solution – lip balm and a lot of it. Here are my favourites, from the cheap to the expensive. There’s a little emollient lip nurturing product for everyone.The ultimate lip balm, often touted as “cult”,  award has to go to the NUXE reve de miel. Chapstick users may cringe at the price, wait for the end you lot, but this stuff really does work. It’s a thick, almost grainy-sandy textured balm that is mostly suited for indoor and bedtime wearing. A slick of the stuff before bed and the next day? You’ll say thank you because your lips won’t be as reptilian as they were the night before, morning smooches galore are suddenly back on the menu. If that price tag made you cringe, and you cannot justify that much of a splurge on lip-balm (uh, consider it an investment okay?) then The Body Shop’s Aloe Lip Care might be the one for you. It’s a very rich formula that leaves lips a little on the glossy-tacky side but is thick enough that it won’t start traveling all over your face. It’s less of an overnight one and more of a daytime relief giver and best of all? It smells gorgeous!
Last of all is the hideously expensive yet beautifully packaged Dior Creme de Rose lip balm. It’s said to be sold out, and is not longer available in Europe if I’m not mistaken, but you ca still get your mitts on it via and in store in the US. I recently ordered it because, why not spend a whopping 28.00$ on a lip balm? I was overjoyed; maybe because it’s “hard to get” and maybe because the formula is beautiful. It claims to be a plumping lip balm, which I don’t know if it is but it’s soothing and smoothing formula. It definitely fills out the lips a little smoothing out those lines that only dehydration gives. It’ a pamper product in pretty white packaging embossed with the CD of Dior, but it’s a cold and dreary winter – a girl’s gotta have some fun right?

Got any lip balm recommendation for me? I’d love to get some more.

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  • Nailz Craze

    These products look great!

    • Dar

      Thanks! You should check them out 🙂

  • I swear by Nuxe Reve De Miel, best overnight lip treatment.

    • Dar

      So true! And one little jar lasts a verrrrry long time which is great 🙂