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The Post Flight Routine


I just got back from what must be one of the greatest trips I’ve had in a long time. As I’m typing this my eyes are drooping after my little routine is done and over with. In order to try and regulate my jet-lag I’ve tried to stay awake as long as possible until nighttime (and acceptable granny sleeping hours) are here – how? A little pamper session to clear out the gunk of a long plane ride and ease some of the sore muscles from staying in a stationary position for so long.

First off, light a candle. There’s nothing more relaxing, or homey, than a good candle with a scent that you love. For me it’s Diptyque’s Feu de Bois Candle (this one is on it’s last legs!) the scent is warm and comforting, which makes me feel like costing up. Then I fill up a bath (take a flash shower first, because ewww sweat.) to ease those sore muscles and relax, I like to read some magazines – I always pick up some in the airport but never manage to read on my flight. After I’ve had my soak I like to clean my face, double time – once with a cleanser (with my all time fave) and then with an exfoliator (more on this in a future post!) then I go on to some masks. Starting with the FAB Red Clay Mask I make my best Carrie impressions in the mirror, and peel it off while enjoying a nice cup of tea – or better yet while I unpack and sort my laundry. Then right before bed I slap on some of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Moisture Mask and my Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm for those poor poor hands.

Now it’s off to bed – 22:30 isn’t too early is it?

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