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3 Things My Mother Bought Because of Me

DSC_2955-EditI’ve learnt a lot from my mother over the years, how to appreciate a really beautiful handbag or a pair of shoes, that buying less of a better quality is the way to go, and that wasting an afternoon away while watching Crime dramas and painting your nails is a perfectly appropriate pastime. I’ve also gained the skill of cleaning my own gold jewellery and can spot a fake handbag from 50 metres away, you know life skills. But my mum isn’t the most beauty savvy out there, she has a skincare regime but when it come to makeup or hair? Eh. These are three things I’ve totally converted her ontoMy mother is a concealer, powder, mascara and a bit of liner kind of person. She’s certainly gotten me into some items, but that’s for a future post. Her mascara of choice for eons was the Lancome Hypnose, and with sensitive eyes it was one of the only formulas that didn’t make her tear up and gave the results she liked. Then I picked up the much raved about Loreal Miss Manga Mascara while in Brussels on a lay over, fell in love and promptly requested more from the first person going to a foreign country. Mum enquired about my mascara, I handed over a spare tube and the rest is history. She currently hoards 4 backups of the stuff and is overjoyed at the much lower price tag.

The Living Proof Prime Style Extender

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