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Almost Black Nails


Winter’s almost over and with spring just around the bend it’s time to enjoy those dark vampy nails for just a little bit more. Here are three nail polish shades to consider that are almost black but not quite
Essie’s Afterschool Boy Blazer was all the rage last winter, but there’s no reason not to wear a deep navy blue these season too. The darkest of the bunch and most likely to be confused for a black this creamy formula applies smoothly and needs to coats to be opaque and deep like the depths of the ocean. With top coat wear time for me is around 5 days with minor tip wear, but I abuse my nails and polish so normal humans may make it to a week. I’m a fan of Sephora’s Formula X nail polish line, as can be seen here, and  Obsessed from the line is that perfect deep burgundy  shade that you can use as training wheels while making the transition from the dark plums and blacks of winter as you ease into the bright (and dare I say, pastel) shades of spring. A gorgeous glossy formula that needs two coats to reach  deep ruby or three for a deep red wine, with topcoat it lasts for around a week on me with tip wear. Lastly, and the most interesting shade comes from Nail’s Inc. NAIL KALE in Burton Mews a deep forest green that looks *this* close to black that it’s kind of confusing. This is by far my favourite polish formula, and it has an amazing brush too, you need two coats to get a deep dark colour but it lasts forever (I’ve gotten a whole week and could have gone more but was bored with the colour…) it doesn’t even need a topcoat but I like them so, yeah.

Time to get the most from those polishes before spring comes in and wearing a dark nail will be plain weird. What’re some shades you’ll miss come spring and summer?

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