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Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana vs. Hourglass Diffused Light

diffusedvsbananaIt’s the battle of the yellow powders.
I know, I’ve already extolled the virtues of these wonders in the past but… I thought a more comprehensive comparison was needed. So if you’ve got banana in your stash and are thinking of an Hourglass splurge should you? Or if you’ve already hit pan on your Diffused should you consider a (cheaper!) alternative?
I’ve got you coveredHourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light is described as a “soft, warm pale yellow powder” and retails for a whopping $45.00, the packaging is luxe with a nice mirror in a sturdy plastic compact. Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Banana Contour Refill is a yellow powder and retails for $14.00. Both are awesome for highlighting under the eyes, and setting concealer there. If you are super-pale (NC20)like me, it might not make as much impact as it would one someone slightly darker, but both do a great job under the eye.diffusedvsbananaswatchesAs you can see, banana is darker and has a denser pigment than diffused light – I can use diffused light all over the face to set my foundation with a fluffy brush, or with a denser brush apply it under the eye for more of a highlight. A word of warning, diffused light has a slight shimmer running through it, so it’s not matte. Banana, I wouldn’t dream of using all over the face – it’s too yellow for that, the formula isn’t sheer enough and while it is bendable it would be way too much work. Under the eyes it’s perfect, gives a bit of highlight without the slight shimmer that diffused has.

Banana (right) Diffused (left) – creasing concealer won’t be mentioned

I don’t think the shimmer is noticeable or that there’s that much of a difference between them. I’d say that Banana is slightly more yellow while Diffused Light gives a more “highlighted” effect.

Which one should you go for? I’d say if you have a super light complexion go for the Hourglass powder, as it’s usable all over. If you’re darker than ghostly white, don’t want to spend that much on an under-eye powder and have a z-palette on hand? Banana all the way.

Got a favourite under-eye brightening powder? Any concealer creasing secrets?

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  • Edith Szekely

    Im using foxy eyeshadow from the naked basic palette, great as well but hourglass is much better.

    • I never thought to use that eyeshadow, but you’re onto something.
      It’s a light yellow, and it’s pretty sheer too… Good Idea in a bind!

  • you have such pretty eyes! I love the hourglass lighting powder but it is SO expensive and i’ve already hit pan and dreading to buy a re-purchase. I might try this, however I feel Banana might be a little too dark / yellow.. I’m dreadfully pale!

    • Thank you!
      I’d say Banana would be too dark if you’re pale, but you could mix it with something else. Maybe a translucent powder, or even a light pressed powder could tone down the “yellow”-ness?

  • Great comparison! I’d probably never hit pan on the Hourglass powder so I’d like use try Banana.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    • It seems as if you’d never hit pan on those hourglass powders I know, but my dim light is starting to look flatter by the day! Banana is great, and the fact that it’s a magnetic pan is really nice too.

      • That’s the one I have – Dim Light – and I’m sure I’ll start to see that soon too!

  • a possible fantasy

    ambient lighting is a fabulous collection of finishing powders, if you ask me! my favorite shades are ethereal light and diffused light. next on my ‘to try’ list is ambient lighting blush line!
    following you on bloglovin’ and twitter. hope you’ll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy