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New In: Boscia Luminzing Black Mask

DSC_2915-EditI adore a good peel of mask, if you haven’t noticed by now, so while perusing the aisles of Sephora 2 months back I grabbed one of the many masks offered by Boscia. So, what does this mask do other than offer an impressive amount of comic value? Keep on readingTouted as a groundbreaking mineral enriched mask that’ll detoxify, brighten and purify your skin – this little tube promises quite a bit. And with a nice 34$ price tag, I hoped that the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask will live up to it’s description.  It’s free of all the baddies, and has clay in it to really clean those pores. Slap on a thick layer, and wait for it to dry – you’ll want to skimp but don’t just go for an opaque layer of black goop and you’ll be fine. If you put on too little the peel-off stage will become less smooth and more picking at sections, meaning the satisfaction levels of seeing you face-gunk stuck to the black mask won’t be there.

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Yes, you may look very strange while with it on. I try to only use it in the evening, lest the mailman come and face me and my strange black face. It takes about 30 minutes or so to dry, don’t rush it! Enjoy it, if you rush it won’t peel off and do it’s magic. After it’s dried down, carefully peel it off starting at the jaw – be careful if it’s gotten on any hair as it’s very strong, and peel off gently. Examine the mask, feel some joy as seeing icky bits gone from your face. If there are any stranglers wash them off with some warmish water, revel in your clean and brighter skin.

For me this mask works well, I’ve seen a definite improvement after use with my skin looking brighter and my pores smaller. I don’t know if this is better than other peel off masks, I’d say it’s stronger than the FAB offering. If you can give this a try – but I wouldn’t kill to get a second tube of the stuff. Word on the ‘net is that there’s some awesome dupes for this for Japan/Korea that you can order online – I might check them out and report back.

Do you like peel off masks? What’s your favourite?

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  • Amy

    Ooh I’m really inspired to try this now – sounds really good, I’d probably try and find a dupe too though. xx

    Amy |

    • It is very good! But I just love the funny reactions I get when I put this on and pop into the kitchen to make some tea…

      There’re some good “dupes” on eBay, I know that Daiso the Japanese brand make a black mask too that’s said to be the same as this.

  • I actually haven’t tried a peel off mask before so this is quite interesting to me! Thanks for the review. Glad to hear you experience an improvement from using it 🙂

    • Dar

      You should try a peel off mask! It’s so much fun. I cannot use words to explain it…

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