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Quick Review: Tarte Tartelette

I’ll be nice and quick, since this palette has been one of the hottest things online lately. I had just missed out on it while on my last trip to the states, it was just placed in the Tarte section of Sephora (but my eyes were on Dior) so I made the order, what can a neutral-loving, palette-hoarding girl do?
So is the Tarte Tartelette Palette something you cannot live without probably not – is it something you might want? Give my 2 cents a listen…There are those products that are just… love/hate among the online-beauty community, and this palette it’s one of them. Filled with 12 matte shades, all in neutral tones baring some pretty cool women-empowering centric names, this offering from Tarte is actually a revised version of the limited edition Be MATTEnificent with different packaging and minus the blush. The formula, like with other taste products is Baddy-Free, and Cruelty-Free. These shadows are nice and creamy, with very nice payoff (if you ask me) and unlike other mattes, there barely any fallout – hey, Lorac Pro, I’m looking at you.

I’ve heard some people complain about the pigmentation on these, and while there’s some truth there these aren’t pigment-packed holy-what-is-this-magic eyeshadows, I’m very pleased with them. I find that not having a super pigmented eyeshadow means you can play more, blend more and build up colour if you wish. These build beautifully! You can layer and mix to create whichever tonality you want. The shadows are grouped by tone-family, as you can see in the swatches.


The lightest shadows are hard to swatch on my fish-belly white skin, but they do show on the lid on me, and I’m pretty pale. The shades are arranged by warmer nudes, mauvey-purples and neutral nudes from light to dark so if you’re going for a more purple-y nude eye or a warm shade eyeshadow n00bs can easily make a look. So far the only “dud” of the bunch is powerplayer, which reminds me of a similar medium grey from Nars, that doesn’t quick pack the punch of the rest – but don’t you worry it does awesome work on the lid, to darken a crease or as an allover sweep of shadow for a soft smokey-grey haze.

So do you need this? If you zero palette and love the neutrals, or if you’ve hit pan on so many matte shadows you need a good boost in you stash – go for it.
It’s a great palette to beef up a collection made of a myriad of shimmery shades, but if you own a few solid matte shades from MAC or Makeup Geek or even if you have one of the Naked Basics don’t rush. You can live without it, but if you’re really hankering for a new palette… Go on, I won’t stop you.
The Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay matte Palette is available for $44.00 at Sephora or Tarte

Got any palettes on your mind? Let me know, I might just spring for something new!

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  • What a gorgeous palette! I’m a sucker for neutrals, don’t think you can ever have enough of them! 😉 x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    • Dar

      I agree! No such things as too many neutrals, no one can tell me otherwise

  • So happy to see this review, I’ve been so on the fence about this palette! I feel like between the becca ombre nudes, the sonia kashuk matte palette and some mac/nars shades I’m set but it’s just so pretty!

    • Dar

      It is pretty, but if you’ve already got a bunch of mattes on hand that you find useful you really don’t *need* it! But, what can a girl do but want more neutral eyeshadow palettes…