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The Wishlist: Photography Equipment

photographywishlistIt’s no secret – I’m a photography nerd. I love geeking out over spec details and layout charts, reading reviews and figuring out how to do something with what. I’ve got myself a little wishlist of bits I’d like to buy and I’ll explain each one – what it does, and why you should consider springing for it too

If you’re planning on doing YouTube this year (I am!) then you need some light, sunlight is preferable but it’s also a bit touch and go. I’ve tried to film several videos only to have the sun playing hide and seek, ruining everything. This is where a Fluorescent Ring Light comes in – you set it up in front of your camera, with the lens shooting through the ring. This is a great solution for getting even light all around the face, or object you’re recording without needing two different light sources to balance each other out. It’ll be preferable to add some more lighting in but I’ll start off with this. The second item I’ve got on my YT list is an external microphone the one from Rode has great reviews and is directional, for better sound quality than the built in mic on my camera and possibly to filter out the incessant barking my dog produces every time I try to film.
To make my life even easier, a new remote for my camera will make me a very happy girl. I’ve got a Nikon so the Nikon InfraRed remote is perfect now if only those batteries would be more accessible that’d be even better. A luxury buy would be a new tripod; I’ve got one and it’s good but I’d like something with more hight and stability than what I’ve got. The snazzy white Tripod from Manfrotto is perfect, compact  with an adjustable head that’ll be nice for still shots and video.
Lastly I’d love to get myself a new seamless paper background – these are super useful for both full body shots, as a plain background for a video or as something to lay on products for a flat lay. since I re-designed the blog for a new colour layout I think this pink from savage would be just what I need.

Got any photography bits you’ve got your eye on? Let me know maybe I’ll add it to my list…

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  • The fluorescent ring light is actually such a good idea, if I ever start YouTube I will be getting one of those!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • I’ve actually just went and ordered one, I did it from the site which means it’ll take a while to get here – as anything ordered from China does 🙁
      I can’t wait to start filming proper videos without having to scrap things when the lighting goes wonky.

  • Anotherfreakyblog

    and what kind of lights do you use for your blog photos? Thank you!

    Come say hi if you feel like it.:)

    • Dar

      I usually use professional strobe lights I’ve got a post about it –

      But for my February Favourites images I used the ring light, and I think it’s very good in place of expensive strobes (as in, big flashes that don’t connect to a camera).

      • Anotherfreakyblog

        thank you very much!

  • Amanda

    Thanks for sharing the paper background. I’ve been looking everywhere for one.