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A Peek in to the Boy’s Beauty Bumf

boysbeautybumfThere’s something about taking a peek into someone else’s favourite products, and this time I thought I’d bring a look into what my boyfriend really really likes. Complete with little stories about how some of these were found, and why they are so damn good

Starting off with hair, which is an important thing since after wearing his hair in a buzz cut for a few years and then growing it out Styling products do take centre stage. The two top runners are American Crew Fiber for days when he’s looking for more hold and texture or the Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme in a travel size which he claims is perfect for when you wake up and your hair is ‘fluffy’ and needs some calming down. It took me a little while, but the importance of a facial moisturiser was finally understood and ever since then the one of choice is Khiel’s Facial Fuel which I first foisted on him at a Duty Free and ever since it’s been happily ever after. Here come the little luxuries, The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm for post shave is great and the Sandlewood scent is nice too. This last one is my favourite of the bunch Armani Eau D’Aromes a beautiful scent thats just the right mix of citrus, spice and woody it has surpassed any other scent for a guy in my opinion.

What’s in your guy’s beauty bag? Got any favourites for the guys?

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March 12, 2015
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  • RedDoesBeauty

    nothing better than a guy who is cool enough to use moisturiser !

    • Dar

      Next up is the importance of SPF! But yeah, if he’s cool enough to do facemasks with you you’ve got a winner 🙂

  • I keep trying to get my boyfriend to use moisturiser etc, not having much luck but he will come round eventually! He always wears beautiful aftershave though, there is nothing nicer than a man who smells more than good!

    • Dar

      Nothing better than a nice smelling person!
      My advice is to go for the “raging’ argument, and to maybe give him a facial moisturiser as a gift… It also depends on his skin type I guess, if he’s oily then he’s not going to want to make it worse – so go for a mattifying moisturiser if that’s the situation.

  • so interesting to peek into a guys beauty stash; one of my friends actually started using the body shops bb creme recently, which definitely surprised me at first, but I think more and more guys are starting to use makeup; maybe that’ll be a normal thing in a couple of years, who knows?

    love, Kat

    • Dar

      I think that there are a lot of guys who would benefit from a bit of concealer or base, not to mention the confidence boost it can give anyone with a bit of acne/scarring!

      I wish that that is what the future holds!

  • I’m definitely going to have to try and get my boyfriend to start using a moisturizer, they are so important!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • Oh this was fun! I bet he smells really nice 🙂

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Ohh the Armani sounds lovely!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers