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Line I Love: Rituals Laughing Buddha

DSC_3398There’s something so… luxurious about a good smelling bunch of shower/body products. I find most of the coconut-infused products to be obnoxiously scented, and the fruity offerings sometimes don’t really cut it. What’t the solution? The woody-spicey Laughing Buddha line from Rituals.I’ve 3 bits from the line – and there’s also a candle (that was burned till the last bit). While the formulas of each product are on point it’s the scent that really does it for me. It’s not too sweet, or too spicy or too masculine but rather it’s an unplifting citrusy scent that’s not cloying or synthetic. The Caring Shower Oil is super silky, and each pump is pretty generous, just add water and it emulsifies into a nice milk. Not a foamy, drying soap but rather a nourishing oil – it’s a great boost for dry skin coming out of the winter months. The Fortune Scrub (it’s since been replaced by The Good Luck Scrub, but I’ll assume it’s pretty similar) is a thick scrub, not the most scrubby-scrub ever it’s a bit more gentle than the Pulp-Friction from Soap & Glory, that’s very creamy. As your scrubbing down your flaky limbs the scent lifts and wraps around you, it’s a blissful experience.
Lastly, to top off the hydration times there’s the Touch of Happiness body cream. It’s a dream! Smoothing it on is so nice, it’s not too heavy or sticky but still packs a bit of a moisturising punch. The scent lingers on the skin for a while later but doesn’t interfere with your perfume or anything, which is important.
I think it’s the scent that’s the deal breaker – it just brings a smile to my face and turns a shower into something that’s a little bit… more.

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  • The body products sound lovely! I really like citrus based products in the shower, they’re so refreshing in the morning 🙂