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New In: Bobbi Brown Brushes

full coverage face brush eye blender brush sheer powder brushIt’s Sunday, so I’ll make this one short and snappy. I got my hands on some new brushes last week, and now I can safely rave about them being the best thing I’ve added to my stash lately. For meets keep on goingI decided to just go for it – it’s been a while since I invested a pretty penny in some luxe brushes, and the Bobbi Brown offerings? Well if I could I’d take one of each. Alas, that’s not an option not if I want to keep myself housed at least. So I got the three that called out to me.
The Full Coverage Face brush is a chubby little thing, the most similar thing I have on hand is the Real Techniques Buffing brush but that has a much more “flat” top and is less dense. The Full Coverage Face is domed, dense and with a short handle for maximum buffing action. I’ve been applying all of my foundations with it, it’s great for a medium/full coverage formula like the Dior Skin Star and works amazingly well with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. I like to buff a first thin layer all over and then stipple on the extra coverage where needed. Extra Tip: If you’ve gone overboard on the blush/bronzer/contour buff them out the this with the left over foundations.
The Sheer Powder Brush – Whoa, where has this been all of my life? It’s perfect to a bit of light powdering to set from a pressed pan but it’s perfect for using those damned loose powders or the Guerlain Meteorite Pearls. Not too fluffy or soft, but not scratchy with a nice long handle so that you’ll apply minimum pressure while dusting your face. Also does awesome for sheer diffused blush application.
Lastly, the Eye Blender Brush is just a fluffy little thing that’s far superior to any other blending brush I own, yes better than the MAC 217 or 224, but be careful not to blend out too much or you’ll lose all the definition you’ve worked for. I love it for applying a very sheer wash across the lid or to blend out my transition shade into a hazy soft gradient.

Have you discovered any awesome brushes lately? Got anything on your wishlist that you’ve been eyeing for Bobbi Brown?

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