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New In: Dior Skin Star Foundation

DiorSkinStarThis foundation isn’t that new – but it is new to me! As a huge base lover, I had to pick it up when I was in the US and ever since I’ve been giving it a go. I’ve got the Shade 010, since I’m whiter than white right now *sun? where?* and while I’m usually one for a more dewy, glowy base I’ve been loving this slightly more high coverage foundation that looks like skin just better. For a full comparison and review, with more pictures than you can imagine, just keep reading

The Dior Skin Star Foundation came out a few months ago, in the summer paired with a new sponge (that looks like a black beauty blender to me) and a whole spiel of PR. Let’s skip it yeah? It’s got some revolutionary *yeah, sure* light reflecting particles or something alike to diffuse the light and make skin look awesome. I’m not sure if it’s due to those scientific bits, but it really does make skin look great. With a velvet finish, it’s not dewy like the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat or the Chanel Aquavita Lumiere, and it’s got a bit more coverage than those but it still makes skin look radiant. Imagine a healthier, none slick and even complexion that’s what it’ll give.

diorskinstarpumpThe foundation is lux, comes in a pretty glass bottle with a pump. I find that it dispenses a good amount of product and for 1 layer I need just one pump. I’m very fond of the packaging, it’s beautiful to leave out on display and the cover for the pump means there isn’t any icky dried up foundation around the top.

I guess the best thing about this foundation is how well it layers, 1 layer is a very nice medium-light coverage and as with anything you can always sheer it out. 2 layers is what I usually go for around my cheeks-chin area where most of my scarring is, with just 1 on other areas. If it’s a very red day, I’ll layer a third layer on the cheeks for a full coverage finish. From there it’s usually just a bit of concealer on some of the more angry spots and I’m good to go. I use about 1.5-2.5 pumps, depending on the day.I find that it lasts quite well on me through the day, with just a few touch up needed where I might have touched my face.
NOTE: It oxidises (on me), so while 010 is the lightest shade it goes a smidgen darker after a few moments on. The shades are very pink, so if you’re yellow-toned be wary. Here is 010 compared to a bunch of other foundations I’ve got on hand. 

diorskinstarswatchesAs you can see it’s a lot less yellow next to the Giorgio Armani 4.o and Chanel’s B10; which no one would describe as yellow (I find both to be very neutral). Overall, I find that it’s a good colour match for me – but I’m very much neutral toned (disregarding the redness from flushing or acne scarring) and more yellow based foundations like Bobbi Brown can make me look a bit sallow.
Overall I’ve been really enjoying this foundation for the winter, I’m not sure if it’s something I’d go for in the summer as I’ve got a really light shade and like it very dewy in the summer (hey, there’s sweat might as well look shiny in the first place!) but I’d check it out if you want something with a bit more coverage that feels nice and light on the skin.

Have you tried this foundation out yet? Did you like it? Let me know!

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