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Quick Review: Clarins Instant Concealer

clarins instant concealerSo a few weeks ago I got this little fella in a “Post-Exam time Haul”, since then I’ve had some time to play around and test the Clarins Instant Concealer. So is this little liquid filled tube that’s raved about so much really worth it? Here’s what I think.
Over all, I like it.
Is it a life changing concealer? No. Would I abandon my all time favourites (NARS radiant creamy concealer or the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage) for it? No.
Is it an awesome concealer to have on hand – yes! But only if you can get a match. I’m lucky and 01 Light is a good match for my face and it can do in a pinch for under the eyes. Most of all I like how much product you get – a whopping 15 ml. clarins instant concealerThe product is quite pigmented, and liquid so a little goes a long way. The packaging is somewhat problematic for this as I usually squeeze out too much. It’s a little fiddly not to waste product but it’s also super hygienic (unlike a wand applicator) and easy to travel with. Because of the packaging and the formula I find this to be great to have on hand in my bag if it’s a long day and I’m afraid my makeup isn’t going to make it, meaning I’ll have to touch up. This does double duty as a concealer and foundation in those cases and it does it well.clarins instant concealer 01 swatchesAs I said before the shade range is problematic. With only 3 shades in the range the chance of finding a colour match if you’re not a light skinned neutral toned person. If you’re super fair – no go, if you’re light like me then this could work for you under the eyes but not for a brightening effect, if you need that you’ll have to pair it up with a corrector or a brightening powder. I’ve swatched it next to all of my other concealers it’s less yellow than the Laura Mercier, which is why it’s so awesome on blemishes, but not as light as the Collection or NARS vanilla concealers. It’s a nice neutral tone and the best thing? It can do double duty in a pinch.

Have you been trying out any new products lately? Let me know which ones in the comments!

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  • I’ve been wanting to try this concealer since I saw it on Pixiwoo’s channel. I have medium skin tone so I’m wondering if one of the shades will work for me.