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The Tip: Too Light Gloss

toolightlipglossAhhh there’s always a dud in a set of lip products, I’ve been breaking my head over what to do with the light pink-beige gloss from the Sephora Favourites set. And finally, I found the solution! So here’s how to get some use from those too light to wear on their own glosses.It’s pretty simple, take your pick of lipsticks that are either too matte for a certain look or pack too much of a punch  for you and simply layer it on. Examples follow:

Over Maybelline 'Lust For Blush' Creamy Matte Lipstick
Over Maybelline ‘Lust For Blush’ Creamy Matte Lipstick

I really like ‘Lust for Blush’ as a colour on my lips but the matte finish can look a bit dry when I’ve got a dewy finish going on. Enter the gloss, a bit of it on makes the lips look nice and plump.

Over MAC Plumfull lipstick
Over MAC Plumfull lipstick

I love Plumfull, it’s a very wintery shade for me. Deep, raspberry-plum with a nice sheen to it. It’s can be a bit much though, so a bit of the milky gloss tones it down to a light, saucy pink that’s easy to wear.

So there, that’s how I like to try and use up those annoying too light glosses – have you got any advice on how to get the most from your stash?

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