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3 Ways to Exfoliate

nude fizzy powder clarins exfoliating toner ren 1 minute facialSo let’s talk exfoliating – but not the standard beaded scrub, think a super powered gentle family member of that scrub of the past. These are 3 products to slough off dead skin without out a foamy wash in sight. From the super cool fizzing powder, to the acid packed toner to the 1 minute facial all about these three is coming up.

NUDE Skincare Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash was mentioned a little while back in my Beauty Haul  post, and since then I’ve been loving it. I like to use this twice a week to make sure I don’t over exfoliate (that leads to bad bad stuff). It’s simple and easy to use, pour a bit of the powder into the palm of your hand add a few drops of water to activate vitamin C. There are different sized bits so the exfoliation is manual – but unlike those scrubs mentioned before your skin isn’t left high and dry after using this.  Skin feels soft and smooth, noticeably brighter and silky after using this.
The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner has been spoken about by the entire world and Caroline Hirons.  This toner that’s packed with exfoliating acids but also with glycerin to add in some moisture, it’s great at making sure there’s no dead skin cells on the surface of your skin before you go in with your serums and moisture. It’s pretty simple to use, swipe a cotton pad across cleansed skin wait for 2 minutes and then go in with your moisturising toner (I like Serozinc), and the rest of your routine.
Lastly come the big guns, a fast facial that mixes acids with the manual exfoliating. The REN 1 Minute Flash Facial is a strange green sludge that works magic. It too has water activated vitamin C to help brighten and slough of skin that shouldn’t be there. REN recommends using it every 3 days but I reserve it for bi-weekly use, lest we approach over exfoliation territory. It’s a simple and straight forward product to use, simply take some on you fingers and massage onto skin – add water and wait a bit, rinse and pat dry. Reveal awesome, bright, beautiful skin with pores that are less visible and the clean feeling only a good gentle exfoliation can give.

What’s you favourite method of exfoliating? Manual? Chemical? Something else? Let me know your product recommendations below.

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