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An Ode to: Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup RemoverThere are several duo-phase eye make up removers out on the market; from the very expensive to the very cheap. What makes this one that great? Let me tell you – if you haven’t tried the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, you’re missing out on some serious makeup remover action.
If you’re fond of mascaras of the waterproof variety, if you tend to go for a lot of eye makeup or if you sometimes go a little happy with the long-lasting eyeliner you have face the difficult task of clearing all that product from those lids and lashes. Bioderma only goes so far – and unless you want to go to town with some cleansing oil, or a balm, it can get a bit rough. We all know that rubbing your eyes is a very bad bad thing to do, so what’s a girl to do? Crank out this stuff. A bit of this on a cotton pad left to linger on theeye for approximately 30 seconds and wipe away. The majority if not all of your make up will have been removed, and whatever is left? It’s a gentle swipe away from going buh-bye! The oily feel isn’t the most pleasant, but it is one of the lightest I’ve encountered (I’m looking at you Clinique Take the Day Off) the slightly floral scent isn’t too shabby either.
Since I’m a double-cleansing sort of girl, none of the residue stays any where near my face. But on those nights where I’ve had too much wine? A few cotton pads, a few swipes and a slathering of overnight mask and I’m done.
This is hands down the best heavy duty eye makeup remover I’ve used that doesn’t leave me feeling like my face is an oil slick or has a strange scent. There are a few drugstore options that are very nice, but there’s something about this one that just worth it.

Have you used this one? Like it? Let me know!

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