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An Ode to GHD’s

an ode to ghdEvery once in a while comes a long a product that’s simply life changing. There’s a before and after period of you life which your will forever define as the time before I started using “X” and the time after. From looking back at photos and cringing, to wondering why on earth you waited for so long before purchasing.
For me this this is the GHD. My hair routine has been forever altered by it, and the thought of being without it sends shivers of terror down my spine.So just a few days ago I posted about my current hair products, and that I strive for that effortless wavy-come-curly slightly dirty and disheveled hair style. Think Parisian girl who hasn’t washed her hair this past century. With my natural texture this is impossible – I’ve fine curly hair that likes to puff up like a puffer fish at the first sign of humidity. It may be gorgeous after drying, but the moment I lay my head down it’s over, I’ll wake with a bit of a mess on my head in the form of a jumble of straight bits and curly bits that have been flattened down.
This is where the GHD’s come in – ever since discovering the “GHD Curls” tutorials that are rampant on YouTube I understood that this is for me. I attempted the same movements with other straighteners, with curling tongs and the rest but nothing lasted. Finally, while on vacation in London I checked out the GHD’s in Selfridges. Like a shinning beacon of hair hope they called to me – but alas, with London being as expensive as it is, I stroked them in awe and was promptly dragged away by a boyfriend who proclaimed “Do you really need a ~$250 hair thing?”. The answer I will soon discover was a resounding, shout it from the rooftops, “YES!”. Non-buyers regret aside, I was further tempted by them in DutyFree (an even better deal mind you) however the distraction of shopping vicariously through the Boyfriend was stronger.
As they say, third times the charm. As I was casually browsing Gilt, for homewares, I saw that they had GHDs on sale. At the time the dollar was weak, and the price including the taxes and shipping was too good to be true. I mmm’ed and hmmmm’ed on the $200 something purchase for a day or two until a very bad, no good hair day struck me. That was it, a Good Hair Day (GHD’s acronym) was to be had. A week or so later the sleek ‘Amethyst’ GHD V & Paddle Brush set were mine.

These heat up to ~200 degrees Celsius, and self adjust the heat via sensors, they’ve got ceramic plates to smooth hair. I find that the glossy, plastic body makes it easy to curl with since there’s a bit of slip. The rounded shape means you can curl with ease, no awkward dents in the hair here. I know that applying this much heat to hair can be scary, however a very hot iron once is far far better for a slightly cooler iron going over the same bits several times. To reduce heat I try to air dry my hair before styling, and with the GHD’s being as awesome as they are any style I do keeps for 3 days if not more.
Since I’m going for messy in the first place I don’t mind if my curls drop, I usually do it myself by breaking them up, or if certain bits get flattened by my pillows.ghdhairstyles

My favourite thing about these is the diversity they enable in styling for me – straight and sleek? Not a problem. Retro waves? Got it. Messy curls? YES. I’ve found them to be far less damaging to my hair than other irons, and that my hair is smoothes after each styling session. I’ve turned my mother onto them, her blow out addiction is now none-exsistant, and have had friends marvel at how easy they make hair styling look.

You can take away my makeup – but the GHDs? Over my dead body.

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