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Favourite Mac Lipsticks

topfivemaclipsI think most of us have a MAC lipstick, and way back when before the makeup collection amassed, where struck by the sheer amount of options out there. Pinks, purples, brown nudes or vampy reds there a little something for anyone in-between those rows upon rows of lipsticks. Satin, matte or lustre there’s a finish to suit your mood. These are my top 5, they receive more love than the rest of the bunch, and frankly? I couldn’t be without them.

top five mac lipsticksAs you can imagine the bulk of these are on the natural side, from mauve pinks to peach nudes with a dash of bright red. Call me boring, but I like lipsticks I can whack on without too much of a worry. Starting off with Brave, which I purchased after seeing Sammi from BeautyCrush mention it in a video and right before the ‘Kylie Jenner 90’s Nude Lip’ madness began (is Whirl ever going to be in stock?). Then there’s Plumful, and as the name suggests it’s a plummy shade my first foray into the realm of cooler toned pinks. Patisserie was picked up during a Back2Mac session, back when they gave lipsticks,  since I couldn’t not go for a sheeny nudey pink. Peachblossom was purchased on a watching whim, where you just go and feel the need to buy something new and happen to pass a MAC and just get whatever you’re attracted to at the moment. Lastly, Ruby Woo I’ve already said all I had to about the shade in a post (here), but truly it’s a perfect matte red lip on five mac lipsticks swatchesHere’s them all swatched, L-R: Brave, Plumful, Patisserie, Peachblossom, Ruby Woo.
As you can tell the first four are similar in a sense, with Patisserie and Peachblossom being the closest. Patisserie has a hint of golden shimmer is a bit less glossy on the lips and has a hint more pink/brown to it than the far glossier, peachier and creamy Peachblossom. Brave is a bit darker than those two, and has a heavier coverage on the lips, due to it’s satin finish, on me it pulls very mauve and I find that it works best with a natural eye look and a glowy complexion overawes it can be a bit ageing. Plumful has the same glossy look that patisserie has but with less noticeable shimmer, and it’s the one I reach for on a rushing out the door day as the colour instantly perks up my face. It’s one of my favourites because it’s so easy to put on and goes with anything. Ruby Woo is a blue based red with a matte matte finish that can be drying, but is so so worth it.DSC_4143They all happily inhabit the front of my Muji drawer, and are reached for constantly. There’s just something about MAC lipsticks, the range of colours and finishes, that makes it so that there’s something for everyone.

What’s you favourite lipstick from MAC? Favourite finish? I’d have to go with Plumful (Lustre) as it can do no wrong.

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  • Love the gif 😉 I’m a big fan of plumful but I’ve always been too scared to go for a bright red shade!
    Nice selection.

    • Dar

      Thank you 🙂 I thing gifs make for fun posts! Plumful is so easy to wear you simply cannot go wrong with it.

  • Ruby Woo is my absolute favourite, I’ve never found a better red!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

    • Dar

      The Sephora Liquid Lipstick in 01 is a very nice red as well, but Ruby Woo is a classic!

  • Love the peachblossom shade!

    • Dar

      It’s a great nude! I highly recommend checking it out 🙂

  • Brave is my fave every day shade, it’s just the perfect nude lipsticks for my medium skin tone 🙂 Ruby Woo is awesome too and one of my first MAC lipsticks.

  • Bella

    Plumful for me too, though Hug Me is a lovely nude on me. My only other Mac lipstick is Rebel.