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Line I love: Sarah Chapman Skinesis

sarah chapman skinesis

I think it’s time, the time to confess my utter adoration for this line. For all that is holy, where oh where was this for all of my life? Good question. Thus far I haven’t tried out that much from the line but what I have? Amazing.

I had ummm’d & awwwww’d over getting the Rapid Radiance Cleanser for a while, since I’ve got myself firmly addicted to  the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser, but it is one beautiful cleanser. Not a balm like my usual, but a clay based cleanser that’s perfect for the morning as a good refresh and boost for tired skin. I really like that you can use it as a quick 2 minute radiance boosting mask (while brushing your teeth as recommended), as all the products in the range it is filled with great ingredients. Do note: you can’t use this on the eyes, and it’s not recommended that you do – let the Bioderma do it’s job or opt for my favourite offering from Clarins.
The Overnight Facial
has been written about from high to low, and it’s new brother to the line the Morning Facial as well. It’s pricey for the measly 15ml it contains but man – this is one ‘beaut of a face oil. I use it sparingly because ouch pricey, but it sinks in faster than the eye can see and then you can just pop into bed and snooze the night away. The next morning you’ll be nice and glowy, with plumped skin that’s had a very nice night indeed.
Lastly there’s the star of the bunch in my opinion – The Hydrating Booster aptly named #1 because it just is. Dry or Dehydrated skin? Phhhhhhft, a few drops of this patted into the skin and then go in with your face oil or cream and you’ll be crying tears of joy. If you liked Hydraluron from Indeed labs this is like the bigger, badder more amazing version of the stuff. Magic in a little bottle if you ask me, I like to spray my face with a hydrating toner/water mist *serozinc* and then place 2 drops in the palm of my hand and gently pat it in. A little bit goes a long way, and you don’t get that sticky feeling like with hydraluron.

I’ve got the exfoliating booster in my sights for my next purchase from the line… Have you tried it? Anything else for Sarah Chapman? Let me know!

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  • I haven’t tried anything from this brand but I’ve heard so many good things about the overnight treatment 🙂 The brand is not easily available in the US, I think the only website that I can order it from is

    • Dar

      I’m pretty sure it’s stocked by Space.NK in the US too, that might make getting your hands on it easier!

  • Nice photo! I haven’t tried this brand but I’ve heard lots of great things.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    • Dar

      It’s a great line – I highly recommend it !

    • Dar

      Thank You! It’s a great brand – I highly recommend it 🙂

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  • Do you directly apply it to your dry face without having to lather it first with water? So does this mean it won’t foam? The Sarah Chapman Radial Cleanse I meant.

    • Dar

      It doesn’t foam and I do apply it onto dry skin, then add some water and rinse off. It’s not like a foaming cleanser at all (I find those too harsh for me) – more along the lines of a cream or a balm. It’s a great morning cleanser 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply! I’ve got just one more question. Since it’s something like clay material, will it harden if you leave it on your face like a typical clay mask?

        • Dar

          I’m not sure, the packaging says you can leave it on for 2-3 min for a radiance boosting mask so I doubt you can use it like a clay mask to “pull” out gunk, so far I haven’t left it on for more than those 2 minutes so I cannot say for sure but I don’t think so.

          • Oh I see. Ok thanks for the reply!