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New In: Louise Young Brushes

Louise Young LY24As anyone who loves makeup there was a stage in my life when I discovered real brushes – not the cheapo ones that came with products, but actual make up brushes. My first bunch were from a MAC holiday kit, and I still use some of them now, but since then? I moved onto others. One of my favourite lines in Louise Young, the brushes are very unique to the standard shapes available and the quality is beautiful.A few weeks back BeautyBay had an offer going on Louise Young brushes and after a fair bit of deliberation, which ones do I get and do I really need more brushes, I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Three weeks later they arrived, not BeautyBay’s fault that’s how long parcels from the UK take on average, with some samples from Verso and Laura Geller included. I went for three brushes – an angled brow brush, a taped shadow brush and the mini version of my beloved Super Foundation brush which I’ve spoken about in a previous post.

Louise Young Angled Brow Brush LY30 vs. MAC 226The Louise Young Angled Brow Brush LY30 is an angled brow brush *duh* with densely packed bristles for a very precise line. I found out about it from Claire Marshall who mentioned it in a favourites video and then used it to apply the Anastasia Dip Bow Pomade in the most perfect strokes ever seen on YouTube. While I like the ABH brush I got while purchasing the product, it’s got an awesome spooley, I find myself over applying the stuff and getting a way way too heavy brow for my taste. This allows for a more fine application, and I highly suggest that you check out Claire’s Brow video for a better understanding. I also like angled brushes like this for a quick, easy no-fuss bit of winged liner with an eye shadow or a cream product on a lazy day. Compared to my rather sad and fraying MAC 226 you can see there’s more length to the bristles, and that they are more packed and less tapered for very exact strokes.

Louise Young Tapered Shadow Brush 3 LY038B vs. MAC 224Louise Young Tapered Shadow Brush 3 LY38B was my real gamble, there wasn’t much information online and these come in three different sizes. I went for the smallest thinking that it’d be perfect for more precise crease work, I’ve been obsessed with a soft cut crease and find other blending brushes a bit too splayed for it, or even for laying down some colour on the lower lash line in a diffused look. It doesn’t disappoint! The hairs come to a super fine point, that on my small somewhat hooded lids means I can really get colour where I want it. It’s not too great for the blending, but there’s other brushes for that, and it’s also super at placing a bit of inner corner highlight, for doing a more elongated cat-eye’d shadow look or even darkening the outer v just a smidge when you’ve gone overboard on one eye but not the other. Compared to the 224 for MAC it’s a lot smaller, with the hairs coming to a finer point with a lot less splaying. I’ve had my 224 for about 4 years now, but it’s always been a bit too fluffy for crease work.

Louise Young Mini Super Foundation Brush LY48 vs. LY24I’d already know that I loved the Super Foundation Brush LY34, ever since I decided to just get it after Vivianna Does Makeup showed it in action slapping foundation on in the speed of light. It’s little sibling the Mini Super Foundation Brush LY48 is very similar but different enough to warrant owning the pair. Where the LY34 is a huge thing that covers your face in a few mere swipes that LY48 is a bit smaller with a more tapered end for getting into all the nooks and crannies of your face. As can be expected the finish with this is a bit more on the full side than the sheer wash that the LY34 gives, it’s awesome for someone like me who likes things sheer on some parts of the face and full on others. It’s also great for concealers, under the eyes or to cover a mess of spots that can pop up. It’s got the rounded foundation-buffing brush hybrid thing it’s big brother (sister? are brushes female or male?) has going on but the precision it lacks. I’m kinda sad I didn’t spring for this one before the LY34 since it’s far better suited to my needs. Together they’re a face covering duo that’ll leave you with a nice streak-free quick application that’s on the sheer side where needed and a bit heavier where you choose.

Perfection in a brush? Louise Young has it covered.

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  • Love the look of the foundation brush, it looks so good!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Never heard of this brand before, but the brushes look really good! The appearance kind of reminds me of the MAC brushes 🙂 Will definitely keep my eye out for these!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  • lauren stevens

    Not tried these before but they sound amazing! I need some new brushes too 🙂 Thanks for the review xx
    Lauren |

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  • A_Inu

    Use your 224 to blend your concealer. I believe I saw Tanya Burr use it for her concealer a couple of years ago and it was great..the brush is not useless 🙂

    • Dar

      It’s far from useless! I love it for blending out shadows and for setting my concealer in place. It’s just kinda awkward for crease work…

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