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New In: Maybelline Lash Sensational

maybelline lash sensational mascaraI’ve a bit of a weakness for new mascara releases at the drugstore – mascara is such a staple for me that I cannot not try something new in the search for that ultimate wand/formula combination. And when a drugstore mascara is touted as a dupe for a new release from Benefit (otherwise known as the over-hyped Roller Lash)  who am I to say no. So what do I think of this one? It’s good. Very good even.

Lash Sensational has a plastic bristle wand that’s curved, it’s a nice change from my usual straight wands like the Miss Manga or the Rocket, with the bristles going from big to small. The curved wand means you get loads of volume and curl, with plastic bristles providing separation and precision so you can get every lash with ease. The formula is nice, black as black can be and a little on the wet side – I like my mascaras a little dryer but this is solved by time. So far I’ve found it to be nice a long lasting, no flakes of mascara or smudges in sight, and it holds a curl quite well – my lashes haven’t drooped like but it’s not as good as a waterproof formula.2015-04-16-10.58.06Let’s excuse the rather grainy iPhone photo, and my unconcealed under eye area and focus on the lashes. On the right is my sad un-mascara’d eye, and on the left – BAM. Separation, definition, curl and volume. I think the only downside to this one is that it isn’t as thickening as I’d like it to be, and that you can’t go insane with the amount of layers you put on because it can get a bit clumpy if you go for more than 2-3.

If you pass by this in a drugstore pick it up – you won’t be sorry!
It’s available for purchase on FeelUnique for £7.99 – here.

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