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Palmer’s Olive Oil Cleansing Conditioner


A little while back I hauled this from – and after a bit of use I’ve to my conclusions about the Palmer’s Olive Oil Cleansing Conditioner. Considering the purchase? Keep reading.Cleansing conditioners are a bit strange for those of us who have been avid shampooers for most of our lives. No foam? No squeaky clean hair? How do you manage? Easy, you just do.
If you’ve been battling frizzy, damaged, dry hair you might want to try this out.
My hair had been feeling a bit… fried after a dry winter without air drying and some pretty aggressive GHDing. I’ve got fine, curly-wavy hair that likes to puff up like a puffer fish whenever there’s some humidity around.
Usually I go for the more hydrating formulas, and like to use a mask on my hair with every wash. I do wash my hair only 3 times a week tops, more like twice if I can make do, so having a product that combines the mask/hydration seems right on track for me.
This is a nice cleansing conditioner, the smell isn’t that great and you need quite a bit with every wash. I found that rinsing this out was a bit of a bother, because if you don’t rinse it out completely it gets very greasy very fast. However the end result is worth the hassle – smooth, shiney and de-frizzed hair.
It’s not that great at getting rid of product build-up, so if you use a lot of stuff in your hair I wouldn’t recommend.

Overall I liked the cleansing conditioner – but ultimately it’s not really suitable for me to use in the summer I guess it’s a more winter appropriate product.

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  • Oh this sounds like something I would like! Everything that helps with frizzy hair is my best friend :))

    • Dar

      Judging by your curls I’ll say go for it! It takes a bit of time to get used to it but should be super worth it 🙂