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Quick Review: Bamboo White Nails Inc.


I’ve been loving Nails Inc polishes for a while now, from the famed Porchester Square that everyone raves about online to Burton Mews – a deep dark green – they seem to have nail polish down. Recently they came out with a Victoria Beckham colab, which bumped up the price to a whopping 25.00 USD *sob* but I simply couldn’t resist the unique and honestly perfect shade that is Bamboo White.

I’m a bit of a sucker for a nice clean, nudey pink nail. I mean, sure, I love my deep reds and almost blacks too but this one? Perfection. So prefect that despite having just done my nails earlier the day it arrived I promptly stripped off my hard work and got down to painting.
I’ll start off with the packaging, the entire thing comes in a huge (redundant, wasteful) white cardboard box inside which resides the bottle. Unlike the new design of Nails Inc polishes (that feature a silver cap) this edition is in a matte black, with a window on the side so you can see the shade and amount of polish in the bottle. It’s still that square, heavy glass that makes you feel like you’re at least getting some of your money’s worth.  The square top pops off to reveal an easy and comfortable round screw top with a nice wide brush that picks up enough product and gets the entire nail in one fell swoop.


Let’s talk colour for a second – the name is a bit misleading, since this isn’t really a white at all. It’s a light pink that’s not too cool or too warm but just perfect. I find that this shade is really brightening on the nails, and if it works with your skin tone you’re a luck lucky gal. You can see it in action below, but please excuse my rather ragged nails beds and dry dry hands *ugh*.


This is 3 coats of the stuff topped with a fast drying top-coat, because I like the way 3 coats mimics the look of gel nails on me. You’d be good with just two in my opinion, but eh I like to go for it! This lasted a good 5 days on me, a feat, since I’m about as gentle on my hands as a builder. It survived the washing up, picking at little bits of whatever on my desk (I’ll assume it’s some sort of adhesive) and smashing my fingers into a wall nails first (don’t ask). Over all I love the Nails Inc formula – but this one? Such a gorgeous shade it’s worth the price bump! There’s also a Judo Red shade which is a tomato colour but I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on both.

Have you checked out the new Nails Inc range? This one? Let me know!

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