Spring Scent – Diptyque’s Figuier

Diptyque figuier Room SprayI like my candles just as much as any blogger out there, but sometimes there isn’t time to light a candle to let the good scents fill the room. There’s no reason to suffer a meh smelling room since there’s Room Sprays. A quick spritz or two around the room and your set for guests, you significant other or yourself really. My favourite? Diptyque’s Figuier.

It’s not a secret that I love Diptyque, from the perfumes to home scents I think they’ve got it down for creating interesting fragrances that are simple yet nuanced to be that little bit more. While I usually am attracted to candles with a heavier scent like the Feu de Bois which is smokey and woodsy with a hint of spice or Tuberose that smells exactly like the name suggests, like crushed Tuberose, both of these throw a slightly sexy, heady scent around the room.
But spring is definitely not the time for that, and while I may have been sneaky and gotten a new Diptyque candle that smells far more fresh than my usuals, a room spray just gives an entirely different vibe. Where candles bring in both scent and warmth to a room, a spray is far more airy if that makes sense. A quick spritz will bring in a burst of scent in a way that’s completely different to a diffuser or a candle,
Figuier specifically smells like figs, as the name suggests, it’s a very green scent that has a tart sweetness to it. If you enjoy the Philosykos perfume you’ll like this, it’s a less complex scent but in the same vain. The coconut/sea salt feel that Philosykos has isn’t present in Figuier making it less summery and far more spring appropriate.  It isn’t an overwhelming scent, but if you spritz more than two times in a medium sized room it’ll be too much. A little does go a long way here.
Last let’s talk packaging, as usual it’s sleek and beautiful. It’s a hefty glass bottle with a very clean design and a black cap covering the spray. It’s got the usual black and white Diptyque label, all together I feel that it’s a beautiful design element to the room as well as a wonder full scent. The spray is very fine and mists the room gently, I like spraying right under the AC vent so it carries through the room if possible.

How do you like to begin a little spring change up to your home? Let me know!

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  • The bottle looks lovely! When spring comes I always try to have fresh flowers in my apt, I just think they make the room feel more alive and they just make me happy 🙂