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5 Things I learned from my Mother

5 things I learned from mumSince it’s Mother’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to share five things I’ve learnt from my Mother. These only touch on beauty and style, completely missing all the other interesting bits I’ve gleaned from her over my life time. In the end, there’s nothing like your mum.
I’d say my Mother is an outstanding woman, she’s got a PhD in Physical Chemistry (I’ve only a vague clue what that entails) and for most of my life she’s been a hardworking professional. She’s absolutely brilliant, but then again I might be a bit biased here, and her style has always been impeccable. I remember being small and completely overwhelmed by her shoe collection, the handbags and clothes. In movies they always have a little girl going thru her mothers closet and skimming her fingertips over the fancy clothes, I’ve lived it. While my Mother doesn’t share my passion for makeup, she’s pretty basic in that department and abhors foundation, she has taught me some essential rules about style, skincare and beauty. Here they are:

1. Always use a good Moisturiser

We’ve been cursed with dry and dehydrated skin and that means that should you skip moisturiser at night or morning you’ll regret it. Fast. At the early age of 13 I was introduced to the world famous Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion, at 16 it wasn’t enough anymore and Mum took me to a Lancome counter to get something a bit more hydrating. Ever since I can remember Mum has spent a few moments before bed to apply her cream and in the morning before heading to work; it’s ingrained in my mind that applying lotion is a ritual.

2. Timeless Pieces Are Key

We love fashion but a good piece is one you can wear regardless of it. It’ll be a testament of my age (and my Mothers!) but she has handbags that are older than I. Taking care of those pieces is important, a handbag isn’t to be tossed about and battered, oh how I wish my 18 year old self and taken that to heart, and if you take care of those items they’ll be good for a few decades. The old Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi’s in her collection attest to that rule. A shirt or jacket you can buy to suit the times but a classic purse, watch or jewellery will follow you through life.

3. Chanel is Always a Good Idea

The formulation of their skincare and makeup just works. If I take a peek in my Mum’s small makeup stash there’re bound to be several black compacts embossed with the double C’s. Mum introduced me to the Chanel blush and the Loose Powder, the samples she gets at counter allowed me my first taste of my all time favourite Aquavita Lumiere foundation. I may not be at the age that needs the Sublimage or Le Lift ranges but that packaging is perfection.

4. Invest in Shoes

Ever since I was little I loved shoes, I completely blame her since she’s the true shoe lover in our family (my father has quite a few shoes himself if we’re truthful). However the best piece of advice she’s even me in the footwear department is “You’re better off buying 2 pairs of good shoes a year than 5 that are so-so.” and it’s true. I like to buy 2 pairs of designer shoes a year, they last longer and wear beautifully. No painful backs here and the boxes filled with dust bags, the smell of leather will forever make me happy.

5. Being Sun Safe is Essential

Sunscreen is your friend. Being safe in the sun, wearing a hat and long sleeves means less sun damage to the skin when you’re older. As much fun as a tan is it’s simply not worth the consequences of wrinkles, spots or melanoma. It took me a while to truly understand and appreciate this piece of advice, but now that I’ve gotten into skincare I understand how important it is.

I’ll end this post on a slightly sentimental note; I’m an only child and my mother has at times been my best friend. We’ve had some rough times, my teens were the worst, but at the end of it all – there’s no one I want to spend time with other than her. I’ve had so many great days just running about town with her, having coffee or grabbing a pastry and strolling the shops. My mother is a person I greatly admire and if I was to accomplish even half  of what she has I’ll be over the moon.

Mum, I love you and you’re an amazing person.


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