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An Ode to: Chanel Loose Powder

Chanel Poudre Libre UniverselleJust earlier this week I posted about five things my Mother taught me, among those five was “Chanel is Always a Good Idea”. It certainly is, this is a product I was introduced to by my mother who fell in love with it and I right after her. So what makes this powder oh so magical? Let me tell you.If you are anything like me you like your base to be nice and glowy, however there’s nothing worse that a foundation that does the slip’n’slide across your t-zone. The solution: a powder. The heavy formulas of the past are not going to help here, since the goal is to keep it light and retain that glow.
Here comes the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre a sheer, light, almost nonexistent powder that’s the perfect description of the beauty cliche “Finely Milled” as it is just that.

A powder that just glides on and gives a natural skin-like finish. On a lazy day you can just take it and sweep on to even out the skin, or use it to set you makeup in place. It isn’t translucent per se as it does have a bit of a tint but nothing that’ll effect your makeup or alter the shade of your foundation. It’s a truly light and featherweight powder that doesn’t cake up in the slightest and gives that natural finish we all crave. I’ll quickly touch on packaging, it’s a hefty plastic jar with a sifter top and a huge screw top cap embossed with those classic double C’s. It’s not convenient for travel or moving around but it makes for a great vanity item.

Have you got an all time favourite powder? Let me know!

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  • I have to try this powder cause I love my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow, like you said it sets your makeup but at the same time somehow makes you glowy. I love those kind of powders cause I don’t like my face to be totally matte.