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Quick Review: ByTerry Hyluronic Powder

ByTerry HydraPowderI know that I’ve already professed my undying love to the Chanel loose powder just a few days ago, but recently I had finally gotten my hands on this magic jar of goodness. So what is this and why is it something you should check out? It’s the By Terry Hyluronic Hydra Powder and let me tell you about it.Hyluronic Acid is touted in the beauty world as a magical hydrating thing – it’s true, it is pretty great for boosting those hydration levels and can make a bit of a difference if you do suffer from dehydration issues. ByTerry is one luxe line, the Ombre Blackstars have had their fair share of hype and rightly so. The foundations are raved about and the Baume De Rose is considered the ultimate lip balm.

As a glow loving gal I like my powders either illuminating or loose and illuminating. A powder with my favourite hydration boosting ingredient was sure to spark my interest, so when FeelUnique launched By Terry on the site I simply had to try something out. They had a special launch offer going – with a purchase you got a mini Hydra-Powder, so I got the powder. I did my research before hand, and WengYee’s post about it kind of sealed the deal for me. A powder that smooths out pores and lines, keeps the shine down but still lets skin look like skin? Exactly what I need. As you can guess (or if you’ve read my Haul post) I got it.

DSC_4276It’s a white powder – that’s super powdery. On opening the jar a cloud of dust rises up to meet you, and as one does when they’ve paid quite a bit for powder, a slight panic envelopes you. Worry not, this requires such  minute amount collected on a soft, fluffy brush that any loss via opening will never be felt.
I like to gently gently I say! sweep this on the forehead, around the nose and on the chin to set foundation and concealer there. These are my “trouble” areas where things tend to migrate and move around. My base likes to do the shimmy on the forehead and I’m prone to touching my nose and chin quite a bit. I’ll run whatever is left over on the sides of my face, so that I can contour easily. I avoid the tops of the cheeks since I’d rather they glow like beacons in the night.

It’s the nicest translucent setting powder I’ve encountered as of now and I’ve had no flashback with it, which is awesome. It won’t soak up sweaty, oily t-zone you’d need something a bit more heavy duty for that. But for me? It’s spot on.

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  • this sounds amazing, need to purchase this asap! x

    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    • Dar

      It’s so good! I highly recommend it (obviously) but wait for a good discount code on FeelUnique for sure.

  • I’ve only tried the cream eyeshadows from By Terry and love them. The brand is deff a treat cause it’s quite pricy 🙂

    • Dar

      It is quite pricey isn’t it? But definitely worth the splurge!