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Quick Review: Radical SkinCare SunScreen

radical skincare sunscreenI did just post this  as part of my March haul – but this SPF needs a post of it’s own. Summer is upon us, the sun is shinning and it’s time to crank out the sunscreen. If you’ve ever found SPF to be greasy, heavy and plain old gross, but found formulas geared towards oily skins too drying… Then this one is for you.I’m a firm believer in SPF and with my skin being quite fair it’s become even more important. I’ve dabbled with a few formulas the Clinique City Block was one of the better ones I’ve tried and La Roche Posay have some very good offerings as well. But they were all missing something, as a lover of glowy-dewy skin I didn’t like the thought of piling on my skin SPF and Primer and then Foundation… It seemed like too much?
I was reading Grace’s blog one day and came upon the Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Skin SPF30. A liquidy SPF that promises a bit of glow, pore smoothing action and that oh so necessary sun protection. Sometimes when a product promises so many different things at the same time, one can be a bit doubtful. This however doesn’t disappoint! It’s a light formula that sinks into the skin quickly and imparts a diffused glowy effect. Pop on you usual foundation, concealer and the works without anything slipping and sliding around. I haven’t had this for long – so I cannot say how long the bottle lasts, or how this effects the longevity of you makeup but so far? I really really  like it.

Have you found an amazing SPF for summer? Let me know about it!

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