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The Monthly Wrap Up #1

Untitled-1Welcome to a new thing on this blog – a monthly wrap up! Just typing out my highlights of the month, be they life/beauty/fashion related. This time it’s less beauty or fashion-y and a bit more life; but that’s what I’ve got.
So I’ll start it off with the most obvious one – sunny warm weather! I’m not a huge fan of tanning but nothing beats chilling out poolside with a book and a smoothie (or a cocktail) during the weekend. I’ve also been a slight bit more adventurous with my going out; while we (me and the boyfriend) usually go to our usual asian-fusion noodle place we’ve been venturing out of our within walking distance comfort zone to an old favourite – Taqueria in Tel Aviv for some wonderful Mexican burritos and Havana Corn (the best!) and just this past weekend we stumbled onto an amazing greek place called Greco that had us hooked with the cool vibes and unique cocktails.
I really enjoyed the weather (on the non blistering days) with a jaunt around Tel Aviv on a sunny day, I walked down Dizengoff street did some window shopping and debated getting ice cream. I made sure to stop by the fountain and snap a quick picture. It ended with a bottle of water and me feeling proud for resisting temptation, and walking for an hour instead of catching the bus.
Lastly I got my hands on the Dior Addict Fluid stick from the Tie Dye collection! I went for Ciel Rose which is a warm-pink-neautral nude colour that just rocks on my light completion and is sure to be a summer staple.

What have you been up to in May? Any plans for June?

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