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an Ode to: Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

Tribe Dry Texturising SpraySo I recently cut my hair, from my below the shoulder lob to a shorter shoulder sweeping bob. I asked for texture in the ends and as few layers as possible, and overall I’m ecstatic over it. There’s something about shorter hair that leaves you feeling lighter, girlier and over all care-free. I got a few highlights put in for some movement and definition in my hair when I wear it curly, which is always, whether my natural curls or GHD aided. I knew that I loved the Oribe spray before hand but now? It’s that much better! Let me tell you why…So what is this mythical spray that every beauty editor, hair guru or blogger has gushed about? It’s magic in a spray bottle is what.
To clarify it’s a hybrid of hairspray, spray wax and dry shampoo (I think.), it’ll give hair that grit but won’t weigh it down or make it too sticky. I’ve got fine hair, and due to my cut and overall care for it, it’s very healthy; shiny and slippy. It tends to just fall a bit… limp on my head with out a bit of aid. If you’re a fine haired girl textures are your friend, to mimic that 2nd day feel right after a wash-dry.
Now that my hair is short, putting it up isn’t really easy. My bottom-back layer just won’t make it into the top-knot; also a messy wave-curl that allows you to fiddle and move your part about all day is kinda what I was going for. This spray makes the look, after styling I just spray a bit at the ends and give it a good old messing about and then go for the roots. A few spritzes where I really need the help (basically the top of my head) and around the front, a quick rub in and a smooth down and it’s done. Hair that looks slept in, messy but cool. Volume and texture without hair falling or getting greasy nor weird throughout the day is definitely my kinda look.

And the scent? Heaven. Do you really need this $42.00 can of hair-thing? YES.
It’s a you-won’t-believe-until-you-try item; it’ll change your life and you’ll cry in fear of being without.

Tribe Dry Texturising spray, you are that good. I’d give up any other hair product if I had to.

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