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Summer Brights: Nailn’ It

Essie Snap Happy Barry M Get Set GoYes I’m still harping on about bright and summery colours. What can I say, the sunny weather has me chasing down the vibrant shades like never before. While I’m more of a neutral nail polish kinda girl *shout out to Porchester Square my love* something in these hot days has me reaching for the more fun bottles in my collection.So my choices, as with lipsticks, are a bright orangey red and a bright fuchsia pink. Try not to match the lipsticks from the previous post to your nails if your going to use my recommended shades, it’s a bit… 90’s.
So for an orangey red there’s Snap Happy; as always the formula from Essie doesn’t disappoint and while I’m usually far more partial to true reds like Park Avenue or Russian Roulette. This one just works with a slight tan as it really pops, it also works with shorter nails which I favour in general.
For the pink option I’ve got a recent buy, brought in all the way from the UK to yours truly. I’m talking about the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polish in Get Set Go! It’s a vibrant warm fuchsia that’s not to warm but it isn’t cool either, a difficult shade to explain really. It pretty true to colour on the nails as it’s exactly the same as in the bottle. The formula is good, if a bit too quick to dry if that makes sense. Three coats result in nice gel-like effect and it’s shiney too however I always add a top coat for fun.

So those are my summery nail polish picks – got any recommendations for me?

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  • Scarlet Cherries

    Both of them look great! My colors for this summer is Pool Party by Gade. I dislike most of their products but their nail colors are definitely a nice, cheap product. Also, it’s great to see some English blogging from an Israeli :p

    • Dar

      Oh! I’ll be sure to check them out since they are so cheap, unlike most of the stuff compared here. Thanks for the rec XO

  • These two colours are so perfect for summer!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Enter my £180+ Summer Giveaway here

  • Whoa Snap Happy is right up my street! Love it!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty