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5 Things I’m Excited About

5thingssundayIt’s Sunday! The week has started for me, for some of you it may still be the weekend, but nothing beats a great start to the week. Here are 5 things I’m excited about this week from makeup bits to food and… tiling? Yup I’ve got some awesome things lined up and nothing gets me going like a good old list.

  1. Coffee – this is a bit of a strange one, I know, but our coffee machine is here! I’m a bit of a coffee lover and about 2 months ago our coffee machine died a horrible death. While yes, there’s a Nespresso machine in the kitchen I was brought up on filter coffee made in a pour over machine. Espresso based drinks or even a french press just don’t have the same flavour. I’ve missed waking up and drinking a fragrant, smooth cup of glorious glorious coffee. Now that my Phillips Cafe Gourmet Coffeemaker with Boil & Brew system is happily residing in the kitchen I’m a happily caffeinated girl again.
  2. ByTerry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock – I caved and purchased this after a friend let me swatch hers, I was debating between the Chanel Summer eyeshadow stick in Caroube (brown-bronze-taupe) and this glorious sparkly purple-mauve-brown and the lasting power really sealed the deal for me. I went for it on FeelUnique when there was a 20% off offer and NO REGRETS. Keep your eyes open for a post all about this magical shade soon.
  3. Tiling & Flooring – I may or may not be doing a huge remodel sometimes soon and so looking at flooring and wall tiles has become a thing. I’m trying to make some serious choices here – and not get distracted by building my fantasy bathroom (which is completely detached from the actual space I have.) If anyone’s got some recommendations or pinterest boards let me know, I’m collecting inspiration here!
  4. Tinted Moisturisers – My skin is finally (!!) starting to behave, it might be the magic of P50 combined with better eat and water intake or just luck I’m not going to question things. With the heat here reaching 35 degrees putting anything heavier than a hint of tint is just a big ol’ NO! luckily my coverage requirements have gone down and I’m feeling some serious skin liberations.
  5. Youtube Happiness – some of my favourite Youtubers have had some amazing things happen o them lately, and seeing people you like and appreciate have great things happen to them makes me smile. Between ViviannaDoesMakeup’s new house, to Lily Pebbles engagement and Essie Lalonde reaching 1M subs it seems good things are happening all around this August!
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  • Bella

    Sounds like a few wonderful things happening this week!! You know, I don’t know why, but the By Terry Ombre Blackstars crease to a bit of wrinkly glitter on my lids. Caroube lasts far longer on me than Misty Rock. I must be doing something wrong!!! Can’t wait to see you wear it. Have a great week!!

    • Dar

      I find that the ByTerry Ombre Backstairs need a bit of time to “set”, it’s great because you’ve got some blending time but can also mean that it might crease… Hope you have an awesome week too Bella!

  • Without coffee , everything is harder especially on Mondays. It is crazy to see how the numbers grow each day for all these people, when I started watching Essie’s channel she had around 80k max and now 1 million.. crazy! xx

    • Dar

      Coffee is everything. It’s so crazy to see how these people have blown up over the past couple of years… It’s mind blowing!

  • Misty Rock and that Chanel shadow are actually pretty similar. Awesome that you were able to get it on sale since they can get pretty pricy.