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august everyday postingA little while ago I decided to take on a challenge – post everyday in August. I managed pretty well over this month, even if I did miss one post, and thought I’d write out my conclusions on this process. From the cold hard stats to the more emotional bits, it’s been a fun month but it’s also been tough. As much as I liked producing content for every single day in the month I won’t be doing the on the regular and I’ll explain why.

If you’d like to see all the posts from August just click here and have a nice, long read thru. So, back in July I decided on a bit of a whim to try and post everyday in August as well as try and take my Youtube channel more seriously with two videos a week. The first I’ll define a success, as I only missed one post on August 24th due to my boyfriend’s birthday celebrations (meaning we spent the day chilling and eating takeout sushi). The second? Not so much, while I did upload quite a few videos I didn’t make my bi-weekly goals or my preplanned upload schedule. I can blame a lot of things for it (the construction site next door) but at the end of it all, making two videos a week is plain old hard and time consuming.

So what did happen during this crazy month of daily posting? Quite a bit.
I quadrupled my YouTube subscriber count (if you aren’t subscribed yet – click here), with my most popular video being the Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Review followed by my sort of excessive Prague Haul + Dutyfree. I also learned not to be quite as much of a perfectionist with my videos, how to loosen up on camera and just… roll with it. The best part about this was the fact that I feel so much more comfortable talking to the camera than before, and I really hope it shows in the videos (but you’ll be the judge of that).
In terms of posts, I didn’t get more traffic than before and in my mind the numbers aren’t what really matters. I did however up the amount of time spent by each user on the site and now it’s a whopping 1.43 minutes which doesn’t sound like much but is pretty long in internet terms. My most popular posts of the month were The Base: Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation and Sunday Tips: Photo Set Up & How to Take Awesome Photos Without a DSLR; both posts that I had a great time putting together.
Out of them all I’d say my favourite to make was the Sunday Tips: Photo Set Up & How to Take Awesome Photos Without a DSLR, but Quick Review: Tom Ford Seductive Rose is a close second, the .gifs and pictures turned out so beautiful I love it.
I also got a lot more comments than usual, and really got into interacting with you which is great fun.

Why won’t I be doing this daily posting thing again?
I think that many of the posts got lost in the flow, that they got skipped over and didn’t get the amount of attention they should have from both me and the audience. It was also really tasking to create content everyday, while I did take photos ahead of time and planned things out it was still very time consuming and hard to keep up with. Mostly, I don’t think daily posting is for me or my current audience – I think more informative posts are what really interests people and posting daily doesn’t allow me to do that. I do think that I learnt a lot about time management from this, and looking back on it I think I could have done a better job of advertising my posts on social media than I did. I’d say I was so overwhelmed by the need to produce the posts that I forgot about promoting them, which is sad because some of them are great in my opinion and would help people out.

So that’s it! From here on I’ll be returning to my regular schedule! You can expect a new post every other day + an extra bit on Sundays. Meaning I’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with a new video on Friday (until I change my mind about the upload day). I hope to be able to do bi-weekly videos sometime in the future because I like the medium and find it great for showing rather than telling.

Have you ever challenged yourself with blogging? Tried blogging daily or something similar? If you don’t blog – let me know what kind of posts or videos you’d like to see in the future!

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  • As a new blogger and full-time worker I’ve never thought about blogging daily, even sometimes I struggle to get my schedule right when I post 3 times a week. Also you’re right with the previous posts not getting much attention. Most of the people check the top one and not the rest.

  • Bella

    Just watched the Proenza Schouler video, very well done!! I’d love to see a bag collection video please! I was seriously considering the PS11 classic, but though the one on NAP is supposed to be textered leather it looks very smooth and my concern was scratching, which you thankfully addressed. I’ve purchased the YSL college quilted shoulder bag instead, it arrives in a couple of days!!! I have a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, the original black one, and I love it to bits.

  • Danielle Beautyblog

    Well done on your challenge! I just about manage to post once a week haha I would love to get it to twice a week but I need to get more organised!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  • Mass kudos to you for keeping up with your challenge this past month! I initially started with one post a week in order to create meaningful content, and I think throwing in a few extra posts here and there are great. I think slowing back down will be great to give your readers a chance to read through each post and absorb all the wonderful content you’re giving to them!

    Cindy //