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A Sunday Celebration

DSC_5647There’s no post today, but I thought I’d share this. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday and thus we’re celebrating a little bit. Naked cakes, or semi-naked cakes, have been a love of mine lately; so when the opportunity to make a layered cake arose I went for it. 
I’d originally meant to make a Funfetti cake, but the sprinkles I had melted into a gooey sugary mess in the batter in the oven. That batch was trashed after than you can say “ew”. But the batter itself was great, with a hint of lemony flavour that’s exactly what my fave guy likes. So I cracked out my tiny little cake pan, split the remaining batter into three and baked it off. To amp up the lemony goodness I made a simple lemon flavoured buttercream frosting, levelled my cakes and layered some frosting in-between. Instead of a classic, smooth but a bit too much frosted cake I simply smoothed over the excess from between the layers and added a bit more where needed.

Because there were no candles in the house I DIY’d a banner on the top with some Muji pens to draw on some medium weight paper. Cut them out, snip some tooth picks to your desired length – I went for two tiers, and use good old scotch tape to secure. Stick them in and you’re golden.

This cake is enough for 2 huge portions or 4 normal ones, with a non-overwhelming amount of frosting and a light lemony zing followed by a sweet buttery taste. I went with green colouring in the frosting because of a personal joke and a ring of frosting piped out on the top for decoration flare.

Now I’m off to grab some cocktails and have a good time ’cause there’s no better time than the present!

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