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limited edition beauty itemsThe holiday releases are taking over Instagram and the excitement is growing, along with the fall collections that are hitting counters I thought it’d be a good time to talk about a pressing topic: Limited Edition Beauty. While it’s exciting that there’s new things out to try – I’m always facing a dilemma, get a good old faithful product that’ll go with me forever or get that item that may never be seen again?As most beauty junkies do – I started off with a major obsession for MAC and their limited edition collections. From the DSquared collaboration to the Liberty of London packaging I was suckered in. Over time I embarked on deeper, more thought out beauty purchases and strayed from the limited to the permanent. While a new release to a brands product line is always exciting it’s easy to get swept away with the rush and miss out on the solid gems that have been around for a while.
I tend not to purchase limited edition things out of the sheer fear that I’ll fall in love and never be able to own it again. However sometimes I stray, get suckered in by a good deal or a shade that’s exactly what I want. At other times it’s the hype that gets me, or a beloved beauty guru featuring that special item online. My days of chasing after MAC collections are probably gone, or at least it feels that way for now.
As of now the limited edition bits I do own are mostly blush palettes, like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette or the Nars One Night Stand from last winter. I do have the Chanel Charming Eyeshadow Quintet from last Christmas, however I’ve barely touched it out of fear that I’ll finish it off (and getting distracted by other things). In terms of lip products I try not to get anything limited edition but Dior’s Ciel Rose just captured my heart, and in my panic I bought a back up just in case. Other than that the only other limited edition item I own is the Nails Inc X Victoria Beckham collaboration nail polish in Bamboo White because I doubt there is a more perfect light pink on the market.

What is your opinion on limited edition beauty products? Have a favourite you wish was permanent?

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