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DSC_4870I thought I’d mix it up a bit from the usual gushing over products – to gushing over other people who gush over products and then in turn lead me to buying new ones. Did that run-on complex sentence make any sense? No? Okay. I’ll just be here writing why I love WengYee’s Blog – I advise you to keep on reading.

I originally stumbled onto it looking for review on the cult french pharmacy item Biafine while it’s easily gotten here (just pop in the pharmacy and ask for one, easy peasy) it’s a bit of a rarity in other places. I’d had a bad burn and gotten some, had the area magically healed and then asked myself  “Can I put this on my face?”. A quick google got me there, since I do most of my searches based on images I was drawn in. A great photo is a core part of a blog, and WengYee doesn’t disappoint. Flat-lays galore mixed with texture filled product shots and gifs are all there meaning that my eye-candy cravings are satisfied. Even better, she know how to write with clearly composed opinions that are probably quite a bit clearer than mine.
Blog goals = 9out0ften, clearly. Also, her instagram – want to live vicariously thru someone? Go.

We share multiple passions – handbags for one, skincare is anther. Makeup if you hadn’t already guessed. She’s hard at work on her MA and dissertation, I’m almost there with my BA and Seminar paper. Her recent posts about Korean beauty have got me really, really interested – and hopefully something awesome will happen this week and warrant a small order (buying ban? where?).  I completely blame her for making me buy and promptly fall in love with the Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen.

So, because clearly reading me talk about anther blog can’t be that interesting I highly suggest you hear don over to  and have a good, long read and browse. Hey it’s Sunday – have you something better to do?

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  • It’s so weird reading all these things about yourself, but I guess that makes me appreciate the community more and it gives me a kick under the bum to manage my time better and post more. (One coming around noon!) I’ve just placed a massive Korean beauty order, but that’s been shipped home. I may do a quick post on which shops are the best to get authentic products, if that’ll help you. 😉

    • Dar

      I’ll be waiting for this recs! My wallet won’t be happy…

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for good blogs to read, especially on a Sunday morning 🙂

    • Dar

      It’s such a great blog! Nothing beats a cup of coffee and a browse on a Sunday morning…