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Serozinc & Jurlique RoseI’m sure everyone is bored with me complaining about the heat – or mentioning the fact that it’s summer time. Today, I’ve got something a little bit different to talk about. Facial sprays are a huge thing, be it for setting make up or adding some serious glow or as a refresher on over heated skin. I’m a fan of these, it may seem strange to go out and purchase glorified water in a pressurised can or in a spray bottle. But these really do work.

I’m currently in love with the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, I have the 50ml version but I’ll be springing for the 100ml when I finish this bottle off. That may happen sooner rather than later as I’m very liberal with the spraying. It’s got a pretty strong rose scent so if you’re not a fan check out the other variations from the brand, there’s a lavender as well, and it really does balance. It’s lightly hydrating, but mostly calms the skin it doesn’t add a super dewy finish just makes skin feel good.
My love for La Roche Posay Seroznic is well known, as is the rest of the beauty world’s obsession with this once only available in France product. Now days it’s easily available in Europe and the UK via sites like Escentual that’ll ship it to you, but the price still isn’t as amazing as 4 euros a bottle like in a Parisian pharmacy. I stock up whenever there and currently have 2 spare bottles left, but the Jurlique spray will keep me happy until I make the trip to Paris again. Serozinc is amazing because it has mineral water enriched with Zinc which is known for it’s calming properties, it greatly reduces redness and irritation in my experience.

Why do I even use these? At night it’s to neutralise my acid toner, read more on Lotion P50t here, and in the morning it’s just as a treat/ balance restoring-moisture boosting step. I find that incorporating a good hydrating mist make both me and my skin happier, even if you need some psychological prep before spritzing it on.

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