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homeinspSurprise! I’m moving. Well, I’m actually remodelling my parent’s basement into an apartment – but you get the drift. We’re doing a total overhaul on the space – new flooring, new light fixtures, new windows, new everything. I’ve been busy with plans, tile selection and meeting contractors to get this project started. So what does one in charge of an arduous undertaking of the home design persuasion do? Pinterest!

These are some of my favourite current inspiration, as you can tell from all the images I’m going for a very industrial concrete/wood/metal material feel. Some people may not find this “homey” enough, but  it’s pretty much sunshine and palm trees here 75% of the year. While it’s a basement the layout of the house means that only half the space is underground – there’s windows galore and a pool front view in the bedroom (no, really the window looks onto the pool). To offset all the warm weather and sunshine I’m going for cooler textures, loads of greys and white with a bit of blue.
For some warmth that every place needs we’ve got Persian rugs, my dad likes to buy them at auction so we’ll be stealing one until we buy more, and wood. You can be sure that I’ll be burning candles whenever possible too.

Check out my Pinterest for more of the inspiration – and let me know if you’ve got any favourite home inspiration winners to recommend!

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  • Emily

    Moving out into my first home soon so this is right up my street! Great post!

    Musings & More

  • I hope that everything goes wonderfully! And that you have a Pinterest style house hahaha
    Have a nice day! xx