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Let’s Talk: My Top 10 Make Up Brushes

Top 10 Make Up BrushesJust rounding up my favourite make up brushes – while it’s true you can apply some pretty flawless makeup with your fingers only brushes do make a difference. From a quick but flawless foundation application to cheek chiseling magic or even eyeshadow blending perfection these are my best tools. Have I got your attention? Good let me ramble on about these Top 10.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, or if you’ve just perused it, these won’t come as a surprise. I’ve professed my life for the Louise Young brush range a few times, with the foundation brush both super and super mini being clear standouts. Bobbi Brown brushes rock and for either base of eye you can’t go wrong there. The pure classic brush brand is clearly MAC and the 224 and 219 have been with me for a good, long while now. Since one of my favourite brands is Charlotte Tilbury, and from the range I adore the Bronze & Glow – the Powder and Sculpt Brush is clearly one I love. Lastly a brush from Nars that came to me in a set has surprisingly risen to my top brushes just because of it’s versatility and quality.

And that is it, there are my favourite brushes – the ones I reach for most. Have you got a brush recommendation for me? Something I really must check out?

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  • larissa

    I’m yet deciding if I should buy a Bobbi Brown brush, they are amazing but expensive…:)