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Me & Lipstick; a Tale.

Me & LipsticksThe name of this blog is probably the greatest spoiler to my possibly biggest beauty love – the lipstick.
I’d originally had a different post lined up for today but, things didn’t turn out between making the hour long drive to my boyfriend’s parents for a birthday lunch. That along with falling like a huge klutz in the street leaving me with a bruised and scrapped knee that I cannot move without serious pain as well as a pair of ruined heels. I guess this was just a sign that I need to keyboard smash about me and lipsticks for a bit, to explain this deep undying love y’know?
My first memory of lipsticks is from my Grandmother. My mum isn’t a big fan of them, I can count maybe 5 that she’s owned and I can recall, and prefers a good gloss. Back to Grandma; she’d always have all of these Clinique and Estee Lauder bullets from gift with purchase about. I can clearly recall the light green tubes and the old school navy blue ridged lipsticks that smelt like a floral perfume. I’ll assume I tried them on, but that was way back at age 4 or 5 and I was more interested in using them to draw. I was an artsy kid okay?
The tones Grandma had were always these brown based reds that I can clearly remember not understanding, maybe it was the 90’s maybe it was a childish wish for bright red lips.
Sometime later in life I encountered stage makeup, I was 6 and we were on a family vacation in Club Med. We slept in a hut and there was a strange currency thing, my parents signed me to the kids club and spent their time in the pool. I was probably dumped in the pool by my dad more times than humanly possible, and most of my memories of that vacation are water tinged and sun bleached.
At the end of the week there was a “show” done by the kid club, while I’ve no clue what we did on the stage I do remember lipstick being involved and contrasting to my super tanned skin – mostly from a photo that’s still on the wall at my Grandparent’s house.
My tweens were spent in a tomboy perusal, rejecting beauty and sporting some of the worst puffed up curly bangs in the world. Skateboarding attempts, baggy jeans and rollerblading around with bruise bragging as the main attraction but those bonne bell chapsticks were also there for the rise, I was fond of the strawberry flavour.
Somewhere around 14-15 it all changed, and I become a fashion loving magazine reading girl. First forays into hair mascara, powder foundation and tinted lip balms for days. Sparkly eyeshadows soon followed with all the glory of 2005. Lipstick didn’t feature quite as much here, juicy tube lipgloss from Lancome was coveted for it’s just wetted down glittery gooped on look.
At around 16 or 17 I can remember feeling adventurous and going to MAC asking for a red lipstick that wasn’t too red with my saved up pocket money. I left with Ladybug which is a lustre finish, I’d slick it on at home and admire myself but never felt brave enough to wear it out. My application skills left a bit to be desired and I’m happy there’s no photographic evidence of those lipstick attempts. Later a variety of other MAC lipsticks followed, High Tea and Faux if I’m not wrong.
My favourite thing about lipstick, other than the variety of packaging, is how transformative it is. Yes, all makeup is transformative from foundation to mascara it all changes the way you look to enhance features. But lipstick? It can change the way you feel.
Slick on some bright red and you’ll instantly feel like a silver screen siren. Dab on a demure pink and it’s all soft and ladylike manners, a dark purple makes you the vampy badass you are (on the inside).

Me & Lipstick
Lipstick, you’ve been a constant figure in my life – sometimes I love you, sometimes you confuse me, sometimes I can’t be bothered by you but you’re always there. And me? I’m always searching for the perfect lipstick, but there’s so many of you and only one of me.
Lipstick this might take a while, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

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