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Packaging – The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful

good, bad and beautiful packaging.Beauty products – while good pigmentation, formula and colour is important; packaging is kinda king. Packaging makes a product fun to reach for or a nightmare to use, it can make you reach out and try it out on counter just because it looked good. While in like it’s important not to judge a book by its cover in the beauty world? Judge a head. I gathered some of my favourite beautifully packaged products, some that need a serious redesign and those that just work.

good, bad and beautiful packaging.I’ll start off with the ones that just work, the more functional than beautiful. Hourglass powders are one of my weaknesses, I’ve extolled their virtues enough by now, and while the inside is amazing the packaging is fuss free. A quite sturdy plastic square with a flip top, there’s a mirror in the top so you can see what you’re putting on your face and that’s about it. Yes there’s a logo on the top of the case, and product name on the bottom but the packaging is very minimal. It goes along with the line’s aesthetic, and the closing latch is physical and doesn’t wear out over time like is does with hidden mechanisms like the Laura Mercier secret camouflage.

good, bad and beautiful packaging.These two are products I really like, I’d like them more if it weren’t for the badly thought out packaging. The CoverFX Custom Cover Drops bottle is glass, meaning you can’t travel with it and the dropper top gets dunked up with product that makes its way to the screw top closure and makes a general mess of things. CoverFX have told me via Twitter that they’re addressing the issue and that packaging will be changed for something that’ll prevent this soon, I love when brands listen to feedback and adapt.

good, bad and beautiful packaging.good, bad and beautiful packaging.
The Revlon Photoready Skinlights is a beautiful facial illuminator, nice formula that doesn’t have too many chunky glitters floating about and the shade I’ve got “peach” is great for neutralising redness and brightening the face. It’s got a pretty sturdy plastic bottle, that needs to be stored top down. So far so good right? Nope, try opening the this and you’ll get a large glop that you didn’t expect. Eventually the cap gets pretty dirty, as does the nozzle. The runny formula means that the pressure inside from the product being stored top down pushes it out at a larger amount than expected.

good, bad and beautiful packaging.Lastly, let’s talk about these beauties. I’d also include Tom Ford packaging in this but these two are my weakness. The YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick is an utter vanity purchase, yes the formula is beautifully smooth and emollient with enough pigment to brighten the complexion, the shade here is 19 Fuchsia in Rage. The gold bullet is nice and hefty, not heavy enough that it’ll weigh down your purse but with enough weight to it that it doesn’t feel cheap. My favourite part is the coloured middle, no longer do you need to flip your lipstick to view the colour name on the bottom, just quickly look at them and you’ll reach for the one you need. The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow has gotten it’s fair share of praise from me, but the rose gold compact with it’s art deco embossing has truly captured my heart. From the nice feel of it in the hand, and the size of the mirror to the little details like the star on the upper right corner of the mirror. The product inside is dreamy, soft and blendable with a beautiful effect on the skin, the compact itself will transform you back to those days of the Silver Screen sirens with it’s old school glamour.

That’s it for me, I’ll apologise for the lack of post yesterday and the lack of video today – the builders are still at it and I’ve been busy with a new development that I’ll share with you soon.

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