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Project Finish: Foundation Edition

Chanel Aquavita Lumiere, MUFE Mat Velvet +, Dior BB Cream, Bourjois Happy LightI’m a goal setting kinda gal so once in a while when I do my “let’s organise all this make up, where do I put it all” session I like to prioritise. I can get caught up in my new and wonderful finds (yes, the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder is amazing) and leave some perfectly good products abandoned by in the side drawer. So I’m setting a goal – finish up these fella’s before I can purchase a new base, or before I can add something new on the day to day rotation ’cause special events are special and require something awesome-r. These are the ones that will be covering my face for the next month or so.I’ve got just  few more uses in my Dior Diorskin Nude BB Creme, I have the shade 002 which is a bit too dark for me even now but nothing a few drops of the CoverFX Custom Coverdrops or the Laura Mercier Silk Creme won’t fix. I loved this one last summer, is light but give coverage all with a semi-matte finish that looks like skin.
Bourjois Happy Light foundation is over of my drugstore favourites, I like the brand’s base offerings overall, but the shade 50 which is the lightest runs a little warm for me – the finish is light to build able medium and it’s a great awesome skin day foundation. I’ve got quite a bit of it left and hope I’ll manage to finish it somehow, it’s just not one I reach for but maybe putting it on the list will alter the direction of my hand in the morning?
Then I’ve got just about 1/8 of the Mat Velvet + left, or so I assume the opaque packaging makes it difficult to estimate. It’s impenetrable in the sweltering heat and thus perfect for these muggy August days, it’s a bit too flat for my dewy skin loving self but a bit of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl fix that no problemo or even a radiance boosting primer does the trick. I like applying it with a beauty blender for sheerer application, because this is pretty high in coverage. I build it up where needed with layer and it doesn’t cake or melt away. Prefect for those days when pinpoint concealing really isn’t on the table.
Then we’ve got the Vitalumiere Aqua from Chanel, while B10 is my winter/non tan shade I got B20 last summer because I for some reason had a tan. I’ve got a few more applications in there, I’d say around 10, maybe even less. I’ll lighten it up a smidge with the Laura Mercer Silk Creme which will also amp up the coverage, I don’t think I can wear it solo without looking very strange. Maybe it’s time to try fake tan?

I’ll report back on these when I’ve finished – or they’ll pop into an empties video. I know I like them all but between all of my other bases these just aren’t reached for and it’ll be a shame if they go off.

An update from my Project Finish: Primers

DSC_5324The Beauty Flash Balm has a few uses left, I like to use this before a special event to give my skin a serious boost. I’ll be keeping those limited since I’ve a few weddings and parties coming up in September and October which I’d like to use this for. The Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer in Blemish Control doesn’t agree with my skin now, on the few times I tried it made my foundation crumble a few hours on – it might be reacting to my skincare. I’ve just given up on finishing it and it’s started to separate in the tube, with liquid coming out along side the cream-gel product, it’s obviously gone off or the heat has gotten to it ( I may have left it in my car). The Benefit Pore-fessional is over and done with, I’m not a huge fan and much prefer the Tarte Timeless Poreless primer. I finished the Nars Illuminating Primer within a week of starting the Project Finish and was meh about it, there are better illuminating primers out there. I loved, loved, the CoverFX Calming Primer. It’s amazing and I’m definitely adding it to the list of products I want to buy in the future, it just really agreed with my skin.

DSC_5325Lastly, there’s this Matte Perfecting Primer from Estee Lauder. Ugh, I tried to make it work but it just doesn’t do anything for me. It didn’t give my skin a matte finish, it didn’t fill in pore, is felt heavy and cloggy on the skin. It certainly didn’t give my foundation better lasting time, just a total fail of a product for me. It was one of the first primers I bought, I think other than the Laura Mercier Radiance, I fell for a pushy Counter Lady and was in a buying mood. I’m not even going to attempt to finish this off, it’s not worth the time nor the money I spent of it. If ever there was a #FAIL product for me it would be this.

So yeah, I’ve polished off most of the primers I intended too – there’s a few not pictured because I’m still making headway with them. Hopefully I’ll manage to use up those foundations before the go off – I like them all, and don’t want to dump them or anything.

Have you ever set up a goal to finish off a product? Do you find yourself getting something new and abandoning the rest? Let me know how you manage it all!

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  • Ugh I need to start doing this too! I’m like you whenever a new product comes and I end up loving it I forget about my older foundation that I also love.

    • Dar

      I highly recommend it – just pull it out and place it with your everyday makeup, or right next to the brushes so you’ll remember.

  • Ha ha that’s a perfect project. I guess all of us should start doing that as we just buy and we stop using it when a new one comes up! I guess I should also start with foundations 🙂

    • Dar

      I know there’s so many new releases and you just get swept away!
      If you do start I’d love the hear about it 🙂

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